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Shola Ama - Blood From A Stone
Why you gotta be so cold Pleasing you seems impossible Girl you know you’re black to the bone Loving you is like drawing blood from a stone So pleasant and heavenly, when you When you first came to
Shola Ama - Celebrate
Celebrate, celebrate our love tonight Celebrate our love tonight Celebrate, celebrate our love tonight Celebrate our love tonight I've been looking for a way, boy To let you know What You mean to me.
Shola Ama - I Can Show You
I can show you how, baby Baby,baby baby,baby,baby I wanna show you my loving tonight. baby Boy it took so long For me to find Someone like you But with a little patience And a little more time You
Shola Ama - I Still Believe
in the beginning it was just like a dream i remember every word you whispered so sweet your tender kisses and the love that we made you got me on my knees i was never afraid you promised me the wor
Shola Ama - My Future
you are my love, you are my life my future. 7 years i lived for ya coz i'm so in love with ya, i don't know where i'd be, if it wasn't for you. Times i staryed from ya, i never lost my way, and n
Shola Ama - One Love
One love, one love, one love, yeah Yeah, one love, mm One love, one love. one love Yeah, oh yes You know you're the only love My my my my my my my only love You are my only love You are my only hear
Shola Ama - Run To Me
Oh Mmm Sure as the sun will shine I need you in my life You are the only one Run to me (mm) Bright as the deep blue sky You are the light in my life You are the only one Run to me (mm) You
Shola Ama - Surrender
surrender your love i know that if i take you home you'll surrender your love baby surrender your love won't be the last time that i take you home cause you can't get enough baby so surrender y
Shola Ama - Sym4ony
ohhhh ohhh u got to hold on me (ohh girl feel so right)ohh yeah Slowly i've fallen in love without realising what it was now that i know im fascinated all of u is not enough id never be lonely aga


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