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Seal - A minor groove
I get high when I touch ya... Oooooo, Oh, baby, baby, baby. First you wanted to be free, Now you must decide just what you want from me. Tell me then what kills if we, Show all our love, Our love.
Seal - Bird of freedom
Brother... You can't lose that feeling, You can't give your life away. Like a bird of freedom, You ain't got no dues to pay. 'Cause they need you bad, ...need you bad... For what they never had. ..
Seal - Bring it on
Bring it on At first I didn't have the will to carry on Illusions in my mind Like that picture when you feel you can't go on Like you've been left behind Life goes on, now Take me to that funky place
Seal - Colour
(Seal) 1998 Ohhh.... Colour fades away With a light descending on the day Midnight sees your friend Oh could you call his name Would you know his name I come here for your love But, God only knows
Seal - Human beings reprise
Love dies Chasin' away Feels like I'm Chasing nowhere Doing whatever I feel I just keep falling down You know in every way
Seal - Just like you said
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I, I am So unsure Every minute that waits Every second that I'm away From you And love Is a way that Has no rules Know that I'm loving you Even if it's A fool that waits in vain
Seal - Latest Craze
Warmth Security And all that comes with it Still the wondering How it ever felt this good
Seal - Puff (the magic dragon)
Yeah... Puff, the magic dragon, Lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist In a land called Honah Lee. Little Jackie Paper Loved that rascal Puff, And brought him strings and sealing wax And
Seal - The beginning
The beginning saw existence of a chosen dream But then came pain With energy striking on those she knew would uncover her lies She knew she must destroy everything that we had prayed for So she sent s
Seal - Waiting For You
Everyday, a shade of blue You won't believe What I'm going through It just feels like I can't afford to let myself go No, oohooo no... Everyone is just the same They touch me But I can't say There
Seal - Whirlpool
She don't know woo-who Yo' momma would-oh Yeah ooh no no Only child know Only child I wake out of a whirlpool I walk into another day and then I feel better Whoa Whoa Because you came to stay I a
Seal - Who wants to live forever
There's no time for us There's no place for us What is this thing that builds our dreams Yet slips away from us Who wants to live forever Who wants to live forever No one There's no chance for us I


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