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Screeching Weasel - (She Got) Electroshocked
she got electroshock therapy fifty thousand volts way outta control she got electroshock therapy a hundred thousand volts way outta control and hey whaddya know it wasn't much of a joke she got ele
Screeching Weasel - 27 Split
we spend so much time together you would think that we could talk about it you would think that we could try to work together just one time all of my accusations don't add up to anything not to mention all
Screeching Weasel - 711
One minute past midnite and I need some cigarettes See the big sign comin up my heart starts pounding fast Everything you could want is in this little shop Burritos are 6,99 free coffee for the cops 7-
Screeching Weasel - Bottom Of The Ninth
you've gotta have love in your heart and you've gotta have pain in your life and you've gotta have some vision and confusion for some peace of mind. you've gotta respect what you can't control 'cause you'l
Screeching Weasel - BPD
Massacres, violence film at 10 Media scumbags strike a gain Shove a microphone in some poor guys face So your ratings can soar to outer space Ken and Barbie on location Pretty newsman masturbation No
Screeching Weasel - Goodbye To You
Goodbye to you and the stupid things you do goodbye to you goodbye to everything that you do goodbye to you it's always goodbye to you
Screeching Weasel - Hey Asshole
hey asshole you know your teeth are stained brown from all the shit you talk hey asshole what about all the fat little teenage boys you fuck hey asshole aside from dealing coke and lsc what have you done d
Screeching Weasel - I Wanna Fuck
i wanna sweat, i wanna scream, i wanna make you my wet dream come true. i wanna take you on. a little lip, a little teeth and maybe just a little bit of bleed. i want blood- i'm a fucking animal right now.
Screeching Weasel - Judy Is A Punk
Jackie is a punk Judy is a runt They both went down to Berlin, joined the Ice Capades And oh, I don't know why Oh, I don't know why Perhaps they'll die Second verse, same as the first Third ve
Screeching Weasel - LAST NIGHT
where were you last night when i needed you just to be around me for a while last night the worns crawled in the worms crawled out they tap-danced on my snout like i'd already died last night last night bu
Screeching Weasel - LIAR
You're everything I hate and more So afraid you'll be a bore So you make up stories, spread gossip and lies But it's the kind of bullshit that nobody buys You're a liar, liar fuck you (x2) I haven't h
Screeching Weasel - Molecule
my room's the universe. i lay here on the floor and look up at the stars and my mind is fine for a little while. my room's the universe. i sit and play guitar and my gut isn't hurting now. i lay down. i br
Screeching Weasel - More Problems
You were once a nice suburban girl Until mom and dad gave you their special love You wanted to tell them something personal But the exact words you couldn't think of So you cut and dyed your hair Duri
Screeching Weasel - Passion
passion emotion too concerned with looking like a fool action devotion sick of eveybody acting cool every morning i wake up and realize i don't have anymore time to spend a second living the way someone sa
Screeching Weasel - Peter Brady
Don't you see that people Will like you for who you are 'Cause like is like a sitcom, a senior prom And I'm OK and you're OK Grade A - 10-4 - roger - over and out Listen up - check it out There's som
Screeching Weasel - Psychiatrist
Johnny got upset and drank a bottle of Sea Breeze Mommy figured out he wasn't too happy The family looks nice beu they're rotting inside They all hate eachother but nobody knows why So they go to the s
Screeching Weasel - Rubber Room
Everything around me is turning into shit And I don't know what to do Everyone I know is having a fit 'Cause I haven't got a clue I don't know who I am Patience is wearing thin I think my head is cav
Screeching Weasel - Supermarket Fantasy
I went through the automatic doors My shopping cart ran in to hers Our eyes met for a second, then she turned away And after just a little while I went in to the canned goods aisle And there she was j
Screeching Weasel - Suzanne Is Getting Married
Suzanne is getting married off in June it'll be a perfect day Yohannan and Jon von can duke it out for the right to give her away the bridegroom is a charming bloke from Scotland he wants to be a citize
Screeching Weasel - The First Day Of Summer
seasons will change and so will you i've seen the signs a million times before you try so hard to keep your cool what's the matter with today you're always planning somethin and that something's alway
Screeching Weasel - Trance
I haven't left the house in going on three days The air in here is getting stale but I don't know if I can take Another violent jab at the panic button on my brain I'm not snapping out of it and i wanna
Screeching Weasel - Used Cars
Used cars (x4) No money down sounds good to me Got monthly payments til I'm 93 Used cars (x4) I stopped to look and now I own A school bus and a '71 Olds SCREAMS OF DISBELIEF Zero percent financing
Screeching Weasel - Wavin Gerbs
I was there alone one day Me, Fred and my microwave Fred was a gerbil just the same I was feeling quiet insane 60 seconds set on high Kiss my gerbil Fred goodbye Watch old Freddy run and run He went


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