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Scott Weiland - Chateau Marmont
(S. Weiland) Ahh... California Ahh... So you know Ahh... Arizona Ahh... The Girl's a Ho Arizona Can't breathe California Always on your knees Believe in trouble Like me and you I need you
Scott Weiland - Desperation 5
She takes a swim then takes a dive She takes a swing and she can hit Muddy water Dirty ditch Take a swim and walk with me, make a steal, the Christmas Tree Hold the water, hold my hand Takes its tim
Scott Weiland - Lazy Divey
(S. Weiland / V. Indrizzo) They all just looked away Who got the meaning must be a bigger man in those shoes To keep the circus paid with beans they're eating Must be a woman in those shoes da da
Scott Weiland - Mockingbird Girl
She- She flys without no feathers A fool to try to catch her Well I don't know 'Cause I don't know- I'm a fool Yeah, a visionary's daughter She don't care that you want on her She'll kill you once Y
Scott Weiland - The Date
She waits for a date And yet she knows that he's not coming He waits for the date And yet he knows that he's not coming I hope that it's not the break up And I hope that it's just the break She waits


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