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Saga - (Goodbye) Once Upon A Time
As a child Each day seemed to last forever All the answers To mysteries were mine to uncover As a child I was entertained by simple pleasures All the questions Were ways to find the earlen treasures
Saga - (Walking On) Thin Ice
So here we are Face to face Face our sins Let's get this party started Let the games begin Just one direction No turning back Find out what we're made of Find out what we lack We'll take the high
Saga - A Brief Case
Saga - A Night To Remember
Sacrifice myself for my position Dedicate my time to indecision Spend my days in idle conversation Spend my nights in random concentration Do you know what you're waiting for? And how long will it tak
Saga - Alone Again Tonight
I've been waiting here so long For someone I can talk to Coz I know where we went wrong But it's really not the time or place To talk about the problems Now I've got you face to face I'll tell you wh
Saga - Always There
I'm not sure but I've been told The winds of change blow hot and cold I've had my share of ups and downs You would just send in the clowns Hovering like a satellite You covered me both day and night
Saga - Careful Where You Step
Can you see the day, When everyone can say they've got one? A cloud is moving in, blotting out your landmine vision So many are afraid, concealing all their secret weapons You can see it in their eyes,
Saga - Chase The Wind
Sometimes I feel like sleepin' awake Neither life of my own don't make me stay Should I go now or should I wait You are my flesh and blood One wish is not enough All I want is to treat the pain All I
Saga - Days Like These
I thought that passed this way again I feel the changes in my heart I still have questions that I've asked myself a million times I know the answers can't be that far behind I won't forget you're alway
Saga - God Knows
Tommy's on a mission He's out to bend the rules He's made his own decision He's had enough of school He wants to be an outlaw But doesn't have a clue Someday he'll be famous We'll read it in the new
Saga - Gonna Give It To Ya
Images all to strong to mention And faces as far as I can see The focus of all with no intention The passion is all we try to feel. There's fire in the hole Tell me what you want from me And I'm gonn
Saga - Heaven Can Wait
Some come early, and some come late Some hold back and some can't wait Some have nightmares and some have dreams Life's not always what it seems. Don't wanna know about the chains That still hold you.
Saga - Help Me Out
You just sit there like there's nothing wrong Slightly unconcerned Don't you think your silence Holds you back? Won't you ever learn? (Take it) Can't you see it's worth it? Can't you try? Time is ru
Saga - Humble Stance
Lately I've been watching a little complex grow You know, you gotta know That's why I chose to tell 'ya That humble stance and timid glance Makes your world turn so slow You know, you gotta know Ther
Saga - Mind Over Matter
So what's the problem You say you care When they really need you You're not there This isn't something You can rise above Do you wanna help or Do you want the shove You say you need some action Yo
Saga - Out Of The Shadows
There was a time When I didn't mind I'd do anything you wanted I'd hide behind a frozen smile I've turned a page and everything's changed I'll finish what you started You've left me no other way I'm
Saga - Stand Up
Sometimes it's not so easy Sometimes life can be so cruel Every time you think you're winning Someone changes all the rules But the odds are in your favour When you know you're on a roll When you kno
Saga - The One
Can someone tell me who I've got to pay to help me find a remedy? Now I'm not sure I can wait another day 'cause I'm my own worst enemy There was a time I thought I knew the way but that's all ancient
Saga - The Perfectionist
Ellery Sneed had one great need To do everything just right, If things were not planned and all done by hand He would ready himself for a fight One afternoon while sitting alone He came to a great rea
Saga - Time Bomb
Where were you today? I'm not sure if I should tell you What have you got to say? I'm sorry You said you want to stay I know, I know, I know, I've tried So why did you run away? Can't ya see I'm tic
Saga - Tired World (Chapter 6)
A vision of buildings sitting empty There's not a person to be found All the cars sit silently waiting All the leaves have fallen to the ground Waves crash with no interruption There's not a ship that
Saga - Viola!
Saga - Welcome To The Zoo
Annie's got a thing about leather Bobby's got a thing about lace Maryanne's getting light as a feather Just like the nose that used to be on her face Somebody tell me what the hell is goin' on Oh Pl
Saga - Wind Him Up
Aldo's standing at his table And he's wondering if he's able To pick the number right this time He watches as the wheel stops spinning Sees the number that is winning As he reaches for his glass of wi
Saga - Without You
I don't know how I got here Don't know why you went away I only hope you're listening To what I'm tryin' to say I'm just tryin' to reach you What ever way I can Maybe if I hold you And make you unde
Saga - You Were Made For Me
Where are you goin now? Gonna track you down Smile when I get a taste Of your liquid grace again. You seem to slip away Away to some dark place In your soul Before and after time There is not time


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