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Safety In Numbers - Alone
After all that we've been through I see you couldn't be true to me. And you know how hard I tried. Really thought you were the one but now you're just anyone. You just pushed me to the side. It's alrig
Safety In Numbers - Braswell
Hold me there Close to your heart In a blaze There in the dark Another Braswell On her way out Slept and tell Hold me there Close to your heart In a blaze There in the dark Someone needs Just t
Safety In Numbers - Build And Structure
And I feel that I'm a victim of jilted childhood. Look what I have become. It just proves your lack of character. Had I known that you were trying make, build and mold me into perfect shape. Well adie
Safety In Numbers - Dealer
Warning you to know you're lost or dazed. Disrespect me and I'll smash your face. And I don't care if you sell your own. You did instead. [.......] As long as I'll be there In your eyes. Cut it in so
Safety In Numbers - Lend Your Lungs
Send your dark salute. Lend your lung, hero. See I'm not the one to hear and sell. To take and sell. The only one around. The only one around. Brace yourself. ? ? ? Trace your time, fossil. Lend
Safety In Numbers - Make Up
And I'll try, but I can't and I won't let you waste my time. Patience. Something I don't have. I feel I've been deprived. Wake up. Put on her make up. Six minutes. I'm leaving without you. And I'll try
Safety In Numbers - No Use
Don't make this so hard. You know what it does to me. Why can't you see it kills me? Don't make me hate you. But it just builds inside. The times you lied. Just say it. This isn't over 'cause I stil
Safety In Numbers - Petrafied
Cut me down if you want to. Stick around. Stab my heart and break my crown. This mass fire consumed me. You're on the ground. Stumbling on the way back down. And I bleed for you sometimes. Whenever
Safety In Numbers - Potential State
Take my hand Don't even make a sound You're a finest one to what I've found All I need is Your commitment and your time It's fallen in to place Nothing you should have to say In your potential state


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