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Sacrifice - A Storm In The Silence
As I lay back and look to the night sky, New realms become visible to my eyes When I return back to reality, I wonder what is right to believe Waking to a new day and it's fate, Facing this world, bre
Sacrifice - After The Rain
Sacrifice - As The Word Burns
Extermination of our planet's fertility The world in danger, no one will realize We go forward to termination, endless compromise Pyromania With no concern The sun destroys As the world burns Disint
Sacrifice - Asculta
Asculta bine...asculta bine...asculta cum bate inima in mine...fara tine...viatza mea ar insemna doar chinuri, chinuri shi suspine...poate maine...poate maine...poate k maine vei veni la mine shi-mi vei ce
Sacrifice - Beneath What You See
In life there are people that I cannot understand I refuse to give into all that you demand You cannot see into me, and I cannot see in you Beneath what you see is someone that you thought you knew
Sacrifice - Beyond Death
Good turns to hellish evil in one dark bloody night Now there is satan's darkness where there once was god's light Evil ones watch as the holy church goes up in flame God deserts his people and gone bac
Sacrifice - Burned At The Stake
Sorcery to give me force Towards the church I feel no remorse Invoking satan for my work this night Now you will feel hell's might Witch hunt to destroy my reign I will throw you into torment and pain
Sacrifice - Flames Of Armageddon
[I. The Resurrection] Again I can breathe, have not seen the light for years My spirit has wandered, instilling human fears Brought back to bring forth misery Watch me as I arise from the sea Wear my
Sacrifice - In Defiance
In defiance to you Your nightmares are coming true Gain at the expense of me Nothing in your life will ever come free Parasite who is full of praise Fuck your deceptive ways The beliefs that you hold
Sacrifice - Light Of The End
Energy generates to make waste of this earth Reactor overloads, we inherit a curse Cannot avoid the radiation intake Cannot correct the irreversible mistake No hope to restore these lands of no return
Sacrifice - Soldiers Of Misfortune
Mine is not to reason why, It's just to do or die Running from the insanity Time passes by... Stalking down the enemy On our life depends Compassion ends Not all are fortunate to get through the day
Sacrifice - The Entity
Ghostly apparations in the dead of the night, haunting you The plane of existence where I am trapped, crossing through Through your mind you see, trapped with clairvoyancy Reality is lost Born in the t


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