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Saafir - Battle Drill
Boxcar sessionist black magic is The magnet breakin' 'em down to Micro fragments. I might go dragnet Shoot Joe on Friday if I miss I'll Get your one day won't forget officer Monday I'm good with gun
Saafir - Bent
I've been down this corridor - Before you enter you have to bring Back the creator of winter damn, Too late I'm spoiled, I need the napalm I got it, I shot it in my left sector, Blew up the timing dev
Saafir - Big Nose
Released I'm down count it's a lifestyle for the regular No five. O you may catch me in some old British Knights Some mark fives no cellular hobo brova's are ready to go Concentrate fundamentals I
Saafir - CanUFeelMe
I'm cruisin, I'm losin money on gas I pass a car with a star in it, I stare For a minute, but that's the limit Otherwise gas won't be the only thing I'm losin' money too...ooh wee! It's Tuesday, two
Saafir - Hype Shit
You like classics well I'll stock that ass Wit a 454 hypo, nitro hooked through the trunk, I'm a flowmaster monk you'll get smobbed on, I'll smoke that ass like skunk. You better Rotate them drums loc
Saafir - Real Circus
I bought my ticket ten years ago when in demand Was the candy caramel. I submerged like a Murk on the mental. But it was hard to tell if Nails pitched on my tent on time, with the ringmaster - God - h
Saafir - Worship The D
Now I'm takin' my shroud and I'm puttin' It on my head, not even a semi-fraud More like a demigod in bed-post I be hostin' a buck fifty is the rate So the shower comes late. They call Me get 'em si


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