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S Club 8 - Big fun
We don't really need a crowd to have a party Just a funky beat and you to get it started And oh We'll dance the night away We're having big fun and the party's just begun Yeah We're having big fun B
S Club 8 - Fool no more
I don't wanna (no, no, no..) a-a-ah Never gonna be, (a fool, fool..), no more Never thought i'd see the day You'd play me But you're the kinda guy who likes To get along So caught up in you're c
S Club 8 - I just came to dance
I Just Came To Dance [X3] I see the DJ smile at me But I aint living in a fantasy And the crowd pressing down on me The music taking them to ecstasy And they want love, love, love, love, love [X2]
S Club 8 - Love to the limit
Boy it's Friday night I'm looking for a place To go that's right Got one thing on my mind I'm heading where the music Flows let's ride... And out on the street You can feel the heat A good thing
S Club 8 - One thing i know
I see you everyday I wonder who you are Waiting for the evening train It's gonna take me home Try and guess your name And then you catch my eye It's funny how that in my dreams You're gonna rescue
S Club 8 - Pretty boy
I lie awake at night See things in black and white I've only got you inside my mind You know you have made me blind I lie awake and pray That you will look my way I have all this longing in my hear
S Club 8 - Searching for perfection
I just want it all, baby... Baby, Baby... Searching for perfection, Let me tell you I just want it all... This girl doesn't want Mr Maybe So don't be wasting my time, Cos I know what I want from
S Club 8 - The day you came
You Took me up, Drew Me In Like a moth to your flame Put your jinx in a deadly kiss Your body locked me down in chains Didn't read the danger signs Til you crept into my mind Made me believe you we
S Club 8 - Turn the lights on
I love the way you are Cruisin around like a movie star You play my favourite song I hear your voice When you hum along And I can feel That my love for you is real


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