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Rachel Stevens - Blue afternoon
Do Do Do Do, Do Do Love washed out The colors fade Love so red Is now pase Never found A pot of gold At the of all my rainbows Blue afternoon Nothin' to do Wonderin' why I'm feelin' Blue aft
Rachel Stevens - Breathe in breathe out
So breath in, breath out Breath in, breath out Can you feel what I'm feeling now Every dark cloud's gone away out of sight Can you feel the relief inside Every tension dissapeared over night All th
Rachel Stevens - Fools
It'll be O.K. with the next one I always end on a leash up having no fun Yeah, I'm always stuck Feel like getting up now Make it understood, crazy And it means getting down I'm so tired and bored o
Rachel Stevens - Funky dory
(You can get what you want) I want my love to paint pretty pictures for me (You can get what you wish for) Technicolor and super-reality (You can get what you need) I'd neither like to be extraordinar
Rachel Stevens - Glide
I'm livin' love in the fast lane Seein' the world from an airplane Uh uh Strange little thing called love Tastin' the air as we're racing Smilin' faces as we're passing Uh uh Strange little thing ca
Rachel Stevens - Heaven has to wait
I can't explain what I dont understand Time slipping through my hands As the seconds turn to yesterdays I think that in my world it's so serene I'm driven by a dream One night when were alone again
Rachel Stevens - I got the money
Yeah You got the time, I got the money We'll have it all and just be happy Oh-oh Yeah You got the time, I got the money We'll have it all and just be happy Wishin' on a star's no good Would
Rachel Stevens - Little secret
Oh yeah Oh yeah Down, shivers up and down Wondering what we'll get up to I'm feeling high I get excited You know how I like it I'm dying just to be with you No need to tell a sole, keep it under
Rachel Stevens - Silk
Dangerous is you to me, addicted I sure am Lock me up and keep me from this devil's master plan It mystifies me how you drive me crazy with a kiss Spellbound, boy, I still dream of this I like the wa
Rachel Stevens - Solid
You're solid, yeah Like a rush that I don't wanna stop Saw the signs in your eyes What was up wasn't right And none of us was innocent Baby, still we played our games Scared to win, Left the mess
Rachel Stevens - Sweet dreams my la ex
Hey, hang your red gloves up 'Cause there's nothing left to prove now Hey, hang your red gloves up Baby, no-one cares but you What planet are you from Accuse me of things that I never done Listen to


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