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Queensryche - 928 A M
Queensryche - All I Want
You mystify with the things that you say. You're telling me you're leaving, that you're going away to take a trip to find, and leave behind the love. I've got a destination, a suggestion for you. Y
Queensryche - Anarchy X
Queensryche - Another Rainy Night (Without You)
Don't slam the door, on your way out Don't leave without saying goodbye. Another long distance night alone, you leave me wanting, always leave me wanting more. Last word today, coming home to stay?
Queensryche - Anybody Listening
You and I long to live like the wind upon the water. If we close our eyes, we'll maybe realize there's more to life than what we have known. And I can't believe I've spent so long living lies I k
Queensryche - Anytime Anywhere
My point of view is expanding everyday and I feel with clarity my vision sway. Your private access takes me all the way. (yeah!) I am amplified by what's inside of you. I feel your energy is some
Queensryche - Art Of Life
When I asked him, he described a thousand lifetimes. At each turn, a hint of what one still must learn. Now I've read the thoughts of philosophers, the words of liars, who say that underneath I'm w
Queensryche - Before The Storm
Red gates of iron cast their Black shadows on this land Dividing souls... far below The gathering winds the armies watch Are rising from the west Foretelling news... of freedom's hand In secrec
Queensryche - Beside You
*** Take your children down to the water wash their heads and sing .. holy holy Last night I dreamed you were standing there, strong and tall beside me. All my life ... behind me. You gently took me
Queensryche - Best I Can
A child alone in daddy's room The gun was hidden here No one home to catch me when I fall A young man now in a private chair I've seen the world through a bitter stare But my dream is still alive
Queensryche - Blinded
From the night comes a roar of thunder Beholding light on the spell you're under And the signs of death descend your way Fighting back from the devil's hunger Freeing souls from their chosen number
Queensryche - Blood
Thank-you for the lies, the lies you sold us. Thank-you for this vision of violence. Thank-you for this song you gave me to sing. Thank-you for the capping day of a culture that lay dying. Yes it
Queensryche - Breakdown
When the whirlwind of noise surrounds and get intense, and when words can’t hide their anger or intent. I feel it in my bones and in my head, can’t make sense of what is said. Ready fo
Queensryche - Breaking The Silence
They told me to run, but just how far? Can I go wearing the black mask of fear? The hate in my eyes always gives me away The tension building slowly Now I lost everything I had in you Nothing we
Queensryche - Bridge
You called me up on the phone today struggling with the right words to say. Time can change a thing or two. Time has changed the lives of me and you, but you know... it could have been different da
Queensryche - Burning Man
Miles of desert fly, the quiet of dawn. I ride the winds of morning to see the man that’s burning. *** BurningMan Miles of desert fly, the quiet of dawn. I ride the winds of morning to see t
Queensryche - Chasing Blue Sky
Shakin’ time, she needs Taking somewhere Let’s lose our minds, no hurry I’m the wakeful night, with dreams...or something Chasing blue sky, We’re chasing bl
Queensryche - Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)
LEAD ME- the leftist cry as the right subsides HEAR ME- the media mouth is open wide SAVE ME- success is our hunger we need to feed FREE ME- we will not lose to their anarchy! We are your leaders-
Queensryche - Child Of Fire
Born into darkness in Saturn's sight Riding the night like the wind Ripping the heart form a world that is right Treading the borders of sin. Child of fire The souls that are damned By the pain
Queensryche - Damaged
Waiting for the feeling to subside, Paranoid, I melt into myself. They say I'm to reach inside and find the broken part of my machinery. Psychoanalyze the chapters on the path to my darkest day.
Queensryche - Deliverance
Ride swift across the plain Don't you turn back, keep heed in your flame Kings with no mercy, this planet at war Torn from enchantment, this land forevermore Born from obsession, you cried death fo
Queensryche - Della Brown
You've got a cardboard house. Live there all the time. Keep your memories tied with string The face that many once-adored, twenty years gone maybe more. Somewhere you lost your dream. Mama watc
Queensryche - Desert Dance
With a simple wave, her hand creates my universe. She spins and dances around the fire. Eyes search the open road, caught up in the sound of transmissions burning down the wire. We reach out fo
Queensryche - Dis Con Nec Ted
I've got to do something about the loathsome state I'm in. DiS CoN NeC TeD DiS CoN NeC TeD DiS CoN NeC TeD Everywhere I see decay. Mechanized and sterilized visions of replay. I must rele
Queensryche - Dream In Infrared
As you awoke this morning and opened up your eyes Did you notice the tear-stains lining your face were mine Don't you wonder, can't you see what's happening to our lives I can't keep living thi
Queensryche - Electric Requiem
[ Nikki: Anybody home? Mary? ] Even in death You still look sad Don't leave me Don't leave I want what you feel, believe me Turn the current on
Queensryche - Empire
Last night the word came down, ten dead in Chinatown. Innocent, their only crime was being in the wrong place, at the wrong time Too bad, people say what's wrong with the kids today Tell you right
Queensryche - En Force
Light tracers follow me farther Into the depths of unknown The blackness surrounding the border of hope We're alone We plead for the signs of a second chance In hopes it will stifle the fear Th
Queensryche - Eyes Of A Stranger
[ page ]: Dr. David, telephone please. Dr. David Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair, Dr. J. Hamilton, Dr. J Hamilton All alone now Except for the memories Of what we had and what we knew Everytime I try to lea
Queensryche - Falling Behind
We are all equal but we're individually different and able to reach the impossible if we try. We find faith and strength in the most unlikely places and love sometimes eludes us, but we try. We kee
Queensryche - Falling Down
Today is just the same as any other day to me. Walking wall to wall to pass the time, I picture what it’s like on the other side. Because I’m here on the inside of blue, without you. Da
Queensryche - Get A Life
I've been wondering what's eating at your head? The cheap way you handle things, the slander that you spread. Making misery is the way you spend your time. I think it's safe to say when it comes to t
Queensryche - Gonna Get Close To You
I like to look at shadows sweating on the wall I get excited when I hear footsteps in the hall Outside your balcony I have a room with a view And I'm watching you I dial your telephone each and eve
Queensryche - Great Devide
I'd reconciled my anger got outside of danger. I was waiting for some signal, a sign from angels. When the tide turns against you it's a strange sensation, a revelation of imagination. I could chan
Queensryche - Hand On Heart
All eyes were staring you floated through the room. Armed with your razor smile cutting to the bone. My voice fell useless you flashed a quick Hello. Feeling the fool, could you tell it showe
Queensryche - Hero
Looking for salvation, I'm blind. Thought contamination, I find. Greedy spiders talk to me in my head. I think I'm drifting. I'm in the big machine. My next hero's calling. Who knows what he may
Queensryche - Hit The Black
Hanging by a thread, problems in my head, don't know what I said, living to be dead on the run. Corporation greed, television need, overdose and bleed, pornograph obscene, I'm a liar. There's no br
Queensryche - How Could I
There you were like a ghost from my early days, staring straight ahead at me. How could I ever guess, from that moment on, just how everything would change. How could I know? I recall something stran
Queensryche - I Am I
Beating with life you promised life, security, happiness. Unfortunate son cornered, cowering in the pit of circling panes of glass that surround and reveal the ever present It. It is my move, m
Queensryche - I Dream In Infrared
As you awoke this morning and opened up your eyes Did you notice the tear-stains lining your face were mine Don't you wonder, can't you see what's happening to our lives I can't keep living thi
Queensryche - I Remember Now
Industry Standard 揌ospital Noise Telephone please. Dr. Davis, telephone please *nurse in heels walking and whistling* Dr. Blaire, Dr. Blaire, Dr. J. Hamilton, Dr. J. Hamilton *door open and
Queensryche - I Will Remember
There's a cold wind out tonight The chill of distant eyes An orbit survey finds...your mind I will remember You will remember The star that came tonight... There's a thought that fills your min
Queensryche - Inside
Do you know the people fighting for your head? What you think, the things you read and what you see. What you hear and how you choose your buy from wrong. Yeah I hear the sound of a coming new wave
Queensryche - Jet City Woman
Every time I leave You say you won't be there. And you're always there. Every time I cry your name at night, you pull close and say it's alright. I look in your eyes, just like the rain. Washin
Queensryche - Lady Jane
Sitting all alone, inside, today Jane. The other girls are home, we're playing a new game. The voice is very, very close, you like it that way, and we're feeling rather warm inside. Are you smiling
Queensryche - Liquid Sky
I ain’t no Romeo. I’m just the man for you. Holding out as secrets travel, they kind of get to you. Everybody says that it could’ve been something. Never was a smart kid, never
Queensryche - London
It was November 4th I last held your hand It seemed our time would last forever You said don't ever leave I thought you'd never go I wish I could just remember your name... You're just a memory
Queensryche - Losing Myself
There's a thunder in my head, a roar I can't escape. I can't ignore this certain fate I'm experiencing something. I can't explain. There's a frame of reference fragile at best. An itching fear
Queensryche - Miles Away
Where I'm looking everything seems clear. Not a worry as I float up here. Press me to explain? Searching deep down for the answer. I see the world in a different light, busy changing, rearranging.
Queensryche - My Empty Room
Empty room today And here I sit Chalk outline upon the wall I remember tracing it A thousand times, the night she died. Why? [Why?] There's no sleep today, I can't pretend When all my dreams
Queensryche - My Global Mind
There's hunger in Africa, and anger on assembly lines. At the touch of a button I'm miles away. I want no connection, just information, and I'm gone. I feel so helpless, so I turn my gaze to
Queensryche - Neue Regel
Reach for a new horizon Setting sights on a circuit scream Hail the new arrival on Static signs from a distant wanderer Fill the air nights are never seen Face the electric time shock now No it
Queensryche - Nightrider
Beware of night for we all know he's loose again Behind him lies the eyes of mercy and despair Forever living out his nightmare comes to life From hell this spell will find its way to you Tonight
Queensryche - NM 156
Uniform printout reads end of line Protect code intact leaves little time Erratic surveys, free thinking not allowed My hands shake, my push buttons silence The outside crowd One world government
Queensryche - No Sanctuary
There's a certain feeling Known to all who hear the sound The call of morning rising You're in a mystic space Can't you feel the force embrace, the chill of the wind As it names you Oh, can't y
Queensryche - One And Only
Back in '86 February and a special number I just had to know, is this feeling real? I picked up the phone I was one step closer to the danger zone I knew she'd steal my heart away But I know I
Queensryche - One Life
One life, is like one prayer, one love to share. One thought, one dream. One world, one meaning. A man that’s lost everything holds his faith in his heart. Speaks to god of broken dreams, nev
Queensryche - One More Time
Behind my eyes I keep my truth from you. No one enters this secret place, the barrier only I embrace. Time is fleeing now they say, Take time to look inside and face... the change. Dig do
Queensryche - Open
You're an angel with your wings broken, wearing sandals that I tripped in. You're a holiday already taken, a cocktail that's stirred never shaken. Your heads in overload. You've reached your thre
Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime
It just takes a minute And you'll feel no pain Gotta make something of your life boy Give me one more vein You've come to see the doctor Cause I'll show you the cure I'm gonna take away the que
Queensryche - Out Of Mind
Little girl sits in the corner, locked in a stare. Arms waving madly at something that sadly isn't there. Dressed in the day's best by a nurse who's nowhere to be found. What does she see? Maybe sh
Queensryche - Promised Land
Watching the sand fall, listening for the knock upon my door, and waiting... for Promised Land. Standing neck deep in life, my ring of brass lay rusting on the floor. Is this all? Because it's
Queensryche - Prophecy
Wings of fire, are sailing past the pint of no return Blinding eyes, from which it hides the key Seek to rise, begotten are the fools who'll never know Force will hide the presence that we see Ther
Queensryche - Queen Of The Reich
In the dead of night She'll come and take you away Searing beams of light and thunder Over blackened plains She will find her way Flying high through the night She will hide your fate As she
Queensryche - Queensryche
Last night the word came down Ten dead in Chinatown Innocent, their only crime was Being in the wrong place at the wrong time Too bad, people say What's wrong with the kids today Tell you right now t
Queensryche - Reach
I know where I'm going, and I've got all my cards showing. I'm like the crow flies, a straight line reaching for the other side I dig the sand they kick at me with a calm that stuns. Tracing time
Queensryche - Real world
Strange, the view from here Words we spoke, forgotten at the time Now replay in my mind What went wrong, what was right Looking back, I never was there for you You didn't say, but I know it's true
Queensryche - Resistance
Protests in New York. Listen to the call of the wild. Brother, sisters carrying signs. Breathe deep before it's too late; The sky is falling, burning your eyes. Down in New Orleans river's boilin
Queensryche - Revolution Calling
For a price I'd do about anything Except pull the trigger For that I'd need a pretty good cause Then I heard of Dr. X The man with the cure Just watch the television Yeah, you'll see there's so
Queensryche - Right Side Of My Mind
Hey, are you okay? Better luck on another day. This path some weren’t meant to follow. You’re curious I can see, always looking behind the trees. Keeping one eye on tomorrow. Re-engin
Queensryche - Roads To Madness
Most of this is memory now I've gone too far to turn back now I'm not quite what I thought I was but Then again I'm maybe more The blood-words promised, I've spoken Releasing the names from the c
Queensryche - Ryhthm Of Hope
Lying here awake again. Minutes before dawn I hear your breathing, your heart beat like a song. Lately I've been feeling a little less then good but seeing things for the first time like I never co
Queensryche - Sacred Ground
Iced over, close your eyes. Whisper the flame, it takes us higher. Seems our world is closing around. When I’m inside you, you bring me to sacred ground. When I’m inside you, you bring m
Queensryche - Saved
I opened my eyes, barely alive, without you. Feeling no pain, I'm not the same without you. Save me! Save me! Watching you watching me from afar, I'm... drowning. Feeling as though we've been h
Queensryche - Screaming In Digital
I am the beat of your pulse The computer word made flesh We are one you and I We are versions of the same When you can see what I feel Don't turn your back on me Or you might find that your dre
Queensryche - Sign Of The Times
Heading for the classroom yesterday The kids file through the metal machine It finds what they may hide No it just ain't right... A sign of the times Another church is burning to the ground...
Queensryche - Silent Lucidity
Hush now, don't you cry Wipe away the teardrop from your eye You're lying safe in bed It was all a bad dream Spinning in your head Your mind tricked you to feel the pain Of someone close to you
Queensryche - Some People Fly
Used to be a time we held the world. Wrapped 'round our finger tips Laughing at what others missed. Someday, yesterday The magic we felt went away. Grow up somebody said... tell me where it's gon
Queensryche - Someone Else
When I fell from grace I never realized how deep the flood was around me. A man whose life was toil was like a kettle left to boil, and the water left scars on me. I know now who I am. If onl
Queensryche - Someone Else (Full Band Version)
When I fell from grace I never realized How deep the flood was around me A man whose life was toil was like a kettle left to boil And the water left these scars on me The chains I wore were mine, d
Queensryche - Sp00L
Turn another turn... Turn another turn, sp00L... I think therefore I am, familiar to most? How long did we eat the seed planted by our host? 4 billion years between our ears still hatred brings u
Queensryche - Speak
They've given me a mission I don't really know the game yet I'm bent on submission Religion is to blame I'm the new messiah Death Angel with a gun Dangerous in my silence Deadly to my cause
Queensryche - Spreading The Disease
She always brings me what I need Without I beg and sweat and bleed When we're alone at night Waiting for the call She feeds my skin Sixteen and on the run from home Found a job in Times Square
Queensryche - Suite Sister Mary
[ SPOKEN ] Dr. X: Kill her. That's all you have to do. Nikki: Kill Mary? Dr. X: She's a risk, and get the priest as well. 10 P.M., I feel the rain coming down My face feels the wet, my mind the sto
Queensryche - Surgical Strike
It's lonely in the field that we send our fighters to wander They leave with minds of steel It's their training solution We've programmed the way It leads us to order There's no turning back
Queensryche - Take Hold Of The Flame
We see the light of those who find A world has passed them by To late to save a dream that's growing cold We realize that fate must hide its face From those who try To see the distant signs of un
Queensryche - The Killing Words
Music & Lyrics: Chris DeGarmo & Geoff Tate Wait for me I'll understand I just need time to comprehend your changes There's always been these changes in you I remember there was a time when Fear
Queensryche - The Lady Wore Black
On a lonely walk this morning A light mist in the air Dark clouds laughing at me in silence Casting shadows through my hair In the distance I saw a woman Dressed in black with eyes of grey She
Queensryche - The Mission
In the wooden chair Beside my window I wear a face born in the falling rain I talk to shadows from a lonely candle Recite the phrases from the wall I can't explain this Holy pain Six days ago m
Queensryche - The Needle Lies
[ SPOKEN ] Nikki: I've had enough and I WANT OUT! Dr. X: You can't walk away now. I looked back once And all I saw was his face Smiling, the needle crying Walking out of his room With mirrors
Queensryche - The Thin Line
Another hungry look, In her eyes again. Pacing the floor, The hunt begins. Skin-tight leather provides my pleasure. Wake my fear, surge with the pressure. Walk away and leave forever, do I dare?
Queensryche - The Whisper
Cries from the aisles the tolling of the judgement bell Eyes watched the violence the absence of those who have seen, marks the faith of the spell Cold is the viper stalking the night for the h
Queensryche - Tribe
Taken to a place underground, a cavern, ten thousand steps down. The only light was fire fly glow, reflecting in the blue crystal show. Feeling in the darkness surrounding me, roots of giant Sequ
Queensryche - Waiting For 22
Queensryche - Walk In The Shadows
What? You say you're through with me I'm not through with you We've had what others might call love You say it's over now, What's done, what's through? You can't stay away, you need me I need
Queensryche - Warning
I remember I was asking why And someday you said I'd know All these years, of fighting hard And now it's finally come too close I can't believe it's now happening to me Oh, couldn't it wait a few
Queensryche - When The Rain Comes
You’ve come to me again my friend. I’ve been waiting so long. Life seems strange and hard sometimes, maybe I won’t make it this time. Oh They’ve taken all I have, but I jus
Queensryche - Wot Kinda Man
Don’t know you man or where you’re from. Some say a crazy man, came undone. Please man, make it all make sense. Gotta be some man to keep a promise, you can count on this. Wot kind of
Queensryche - You
Danger eyes like mine scan the room no one over the line gets out alive. Pieces of insincerity are like the stuff upon which we feed. Do I feed you? It goes on and on, this insanity, The game o


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