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Queen Latifah - A king and queen creation
[45 King] Let's start the show off sisters ago look alive The Queen Latifah the King of 45 Bringing a mixture of pure flavor I make beats she rock rhymes so I gave a A sample sound the she added a com
Queen Latifah - As time goes by
(Duet with Rod Stewart) This day and age we're living in Gives cause for apprehension With speed and new invention And things like third dimension Yet we get a trifle weary With Mr. Einstein's theory So
Queen Latifah - Bananas
Chorus x2: Who you gonna call when it's time to brawl standin' 'round waitin' for my queendom to fall Well I think not styles are pipin' hot Blazin' amazin' I give it all I got I'm tellin' you straig


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