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Q Tip - All In
[Q-Tip] Yo. Niggas be on the mic, they be all serious... I'd love to be serious but... effortless shit. Effortless... effa-efortless. Mmm-hmm. Turn my music up, Duro. Yo, yo, you my hero. Mak
Q Tip - Breathe And Stop
Uh uh uh uh uh get up Uh uh for real uh uh Come on Ummah, Ummah, Ummah, Ummah [Q-Tip] A hard time if your motion is still Let me move some things around because the lyrics is ill Abstract..y
Q Tip - Do It
[Jessica Rivera] Hmmm, so you're the one they're talkin' about. Let me see if this is real. [Q-Tip] When I do it, eyes lookin' at me when the music should be the only thing you see. It's the s
Q Tip - End Of Time Feat Korn
End of time we are running out its all gonna end we are running out end of time
Q Tip - Go Hard
[Q-Tip] now picture this a man wit his whole thing in order movin through life at will he ill he make his own teeth growl wit his generous style but he still no joke wit his wisdom and smile giv
Q Tip - Higher
Take you (higher) Hit you (higher) Make you (higher) Hit you (higher) Take you (higher) I don't know what to make of this Funny brothers on my nerves type ridiculous I guess I really got
Q Tip - Moving With U
Awwwwwwww. Looky here, looky here, looky here! You out the frame with it. You off the chain with it. You out the frame with it. Woman, woman... You got your girlfriend around ya. No wonder she
Q Tip - N T
N.T. [Q-Tip] for real though who really got sent flown on the edge got the ledge hangin' out of the window bird chest niggas witcha (winderous fearaf?) fuck around you'll be (hemps meat) inside
Q Tip - Things U Do
Q Tip Talking: Lets talk about these things we see Walking across the land Lets talk about these joints I got Every body get down Lets talk about these things we see Lets talk about these
Q Tip - Vivrant Thing Remix
Violator makin' you sweat Violator we doin' our thing Violator we bringin' the pain Violator we doin' our thing Violator we bringin' the pain Violator we makin the stand Violator we doin' our t
Q Tip - Wait Up
(Electronic Beeping noice for about 20 seconds) We on a brand new page. (Uh.) Millennium days, desperation on the streets gotta find a new way Keep the mics and choke holds. The saga unfolds Macha


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