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Prozzak - AnnaLisa
Is it really over Anna-Lisa Seems that we've grown older and time has beat us seems I've forgotten who to be you took the better part of me my heart, my soul, my sweetest memories you're my identity
Prozzak - Be As
Julie wants to get out of town She needs to settle down Move to a place where no one knows her Lisa just had to get away Nothing could make her stay Tired of living under cover Everybody knows somebo
Prozzak - Europa
I remember like it's yesterday The song we used to sing What was it's name Danced together till the break of day And I knew I'd never be the same Now so many winters turned to spring But where is the
Prozzak - Feed The Night
Simon... Come on baby feed the night Paulina... Come on Simon feed me Milo... Loosen if you feel uptight Paulina... Milo you're so crazy Simon... Would you like a lovers bite Paulina... Why you always
Prozzak - Hot Show
Hot Show She's my technicolour disco Yo, Yo Ya we're gonna make a video She'll keep it on the down-low Dig It Hot show You look beautiful in slow-mo Quid Pro Quo Cause she's my sexy queen of Soho
Prozzak - Infatuation
I've got this little problem that I cannot control You put my heart in jail but now it's on parole You thought that you had left me alone in the rain But I saw you and my dead heart started up again
Prozzak - Intro
Lyrics for Hot Show: Simon:Hi I'm Simon. This is Milo. Milo:I'm Milo. Both:Welcome to Prozzak's Hot Show. Milo:Enjoy. Simon:Enjoy.
Prozzak - Introduction To A Broken Heart
Have you ever tried to make a brand new start? It's introduction to a broken heart... Forever and a day Is all I ever wanted, baby To figure out a way To finish what I started Especially the thing th
Prozzak - Lonely American Nights
A dream that's old A song that's new Money borrowed, guitar blue True love tries, but has to fail When distance, time and space prevail I can still see the clothes we wore and the bar next door And
Prozzak - Meditteranean Lady
Do you remember how we met? Spring time on the Island of Corfu I was lost and asked for help You were teaching at the local school We talked a while and then made plans While all the children laughed
Prozzak - Monday Morning
What do ya do when your best friend goes one day Somebody takes their life away Don't want to wake up... Monday morning And how are you supposed to deal with everything you gotta do When you can barely
Prozzak - New York
Was it Washington Square Or the way you wore you hair? Was it central park Or kissing after dark? Guess I'll never know Not sure I even care But my heart will always live With you and me there But
Prozzak - Omabolasire
(intro) The politics of nations got me down Geography and policy have run me out of town Seems like worldly things have come between us now But I've got the will and if there's a way I'll get to you s
Prozzak - Pretty Girls
Oh ya... Come on... Oh ya... Come on... If I were a dentist I would take the opportunity to look in your mouth Girl Voice: whee-ohh-whee-ohh Maybe if I did then I would better understand just what yo
Prozzak - Saturday People
Hey ravers did you know that I was once where you are now Flashback to subway ride a midnight escape to the underground Calling all sweet dreamers of the world No matter what they take from you, your dr
Prozzak - Saturday People Story
From Night Club to rave, from juice bar to disco tech, Simon and Milo emerse themselves in the underbelly, of the weekend After finding simon lieing face down in his own banana milk shake, Milo had saw
Prozzak - Shag Tag
Nothing much to do but watch the rain Sunday morning all alone again So I ring you up for consolation Hop the underground I'll meet you at the station I've got a little game that we can play I've save
Prozzak - Sleep With Myself
Ya I'll dance with you for a while But I'm not going to take you home I don't even know you last name Let me explain Been around the world a thousand times Been swept away on distant shores Bedded do
Prozzak - Strange Disease
A little sexual frustration Combined with lack of motivation And a loss of concentration I've got a strange disease I can't concentrate on work My libido's gone berserk Now I'm sweating through my sh
Prozzak - Sucks To Be You
(Tamara) - Sucks To Be You (Simon) - I know, I know (Tamara) - Sucks To Be You (Simon) - I know it's true I'm a bastard if it's true If the thing she did to me Is what I did to you I'm a bastard if
Prozzak - Tsunami
O.K. ya see t'was 1983 when we first walked arm in arm Across the sea it was my destiny that I'd find her in Hong Kong There it was a soldier falls in love as we walked through Lan Kwai Fong Limousines
Prozzak - Usted Es Muy Loco
And Milo began to play I remember back in school didn't care, was a fool Fell asleep in every class, waxing cool (sm?+& *$#%s) 7 years pass by in spite of everything we made it Me and Milo go out cruis
Prozzak - Www Nevergetoveryou
www. Incoming contact www. User is on-line I got your e-mail Disgruntled female Every detail Before my eyes So I responded I think we bonded We corresponded And watched the sunrise Then y


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