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Pandaemonium - Birth Of The Fallen Angel
[Music and lyrics: Daniel Reda and Ragman] Ab caelo venit Et in terram cadit. Jesus me ejecit ob meam insolentiam. Urbem condidi, Milites institui. Furiae, stregae genuerunt Pandaemonium Ob horror
Pandaemonium - Lone Warrior
[Music and lyrics: Lorenzo Zirilli] [Solo: Alex Niall] Screams of pain 'till morning comes to face the night, but dark's still calling. From right to wrong My soul has been wondering all this time.
Pandaemonium - Pandemonium
[Music and lyrics: Daniel Reda] An ancient man was riding with death in his heart, his beautiful black horse was trying to understand why the ancient rider was crying while looking from his hand to the
Pandaemonium - The Alchemist
[Music and lyrics: Ragman] Don't be, don't be, don't be afraid, Sandman's coming to your bed to pray. You live in a dream of a thousand faces listening to the faeries singing and playing. Tell me, tel
Pandaemonium - The Alchemist (piano Version)
[Music: Ragman]
Pandaemonium - The Dark Before
[Music and lyrics: Daniel Reda] Madness in my eyes, I would have never died The dragon flies over me And I can't kill him His shadow covers my soul And I can't get out of here, maybe I don't have th
Pandaemonium - The Light
[Instrumental] [Music: Daniel Reda]
Pandaemonium - The War Of Races
[Music and lyrics: Daniel Reda] We are gonna blow this place away, we're here to kill Dwarves and Elves. Your end is drawing closer, we got the magic power. Gather around young warriors, only the str


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