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Pam Tillis - A Great Disguise
(Even Stevens/Greg Barnhill/Hillary Kanter) People talkin', think I'm alright Think I'm doin' fine Goin' through the motioms of my life Go to work now, every mornin' Yeah, I play the part Hide away t
Pam Tillis - A Whisper And A Scream
(Verlon Thompson/Austin Cunningham) There's a tomcat in the alley scarin' up a fight There's a mother softly kissing her little one goodnight There's peace and then there's chaos, reality and dreams We
Pam Tillis - After Hours
(Verlon Thompson/Suzy Ragsdale) In the after hours Slowly shifting down Last call is over The sign is turned around The chairs are on the tables The drinks are on the house The talk is on the level
Pam Tillis - All Of This Love
(John Paul Daniel/Chapin Hartford/Jule Medders) Have you ever seen a wild magnolia There's only one place it grows On the shady banks of the Tennessee River Sheltered, untouched and alone There's a pl
Pam Tillis - Already Fallen
You come banging on the screen door Begging me to let you in All I got to say is, Honey, where you been? This time I think it's you that's surrenderin' You see I've already fallen Yeah, I've already f
Pam Tillis - Ancient History
We can talk and talk all night If you want to that's all right Till I've heard every word you've got to say Go ahead and take your time If you've got something on your mind But it won't change the way
Pam Tillis - Blue Rose Is
Her lips and her dress They're both ruby red She thinks that's how you hide The pain you feel inside And she comes out every night To soak-up the neon light Her perfume fills the air People s
Pam Tillis - Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial
Well I said he had a lot of potential He was only misunderstood You know he {really didn't mean} to treat me so bad He wanted to be good And I swore one day I would tame him Even though he loved to ru
Pam Tillis - Do You Know Where Your Man Is
Pam Tillis - Fine, Fine, Very Fine Love
I never knew how good a love could be All I'd ever known was make believe So many times I played the fool Baby, till I met you Now everything has fallen in place You can tell by the smile on my face
Pam Tillis - Homeward Looking Angel
She saw the ragged edge of nowhere from a fast moving train Watched the scenery fly by with a fever in her brain Seemed like a good time at the time, rolling down that track Now the only thing she wants
Pam Tillis - Hurt Myself
(Savannah Snow) Ain't tried cigarettes There is always alcohol I could stay up all night long Don't need to sleep at all I've got credit cards I could run'em up I could play with knives I could dri
Pam Tillis - I Smile
Oh yeah...uh huh... Lost and all alone, looking for a reason for being in this crazy world Trying to go on lookin for the answers to the questions, There u were. From the moment u appeared everyth
Pam Tillis - Lay The Heartache Down
(Jamie O'Hara) You've been spreadin' the blues All over the place Walking around with that look on your face Teardrops fallin hard on the cold cold ground It's time you lay the heartache down Well I
Pam Tillis - Let That Pony Run
Mary was married with children Had the perfect suburban life Till her husband came clean with the help of Jim Beam And confessed all his sins in one night Said he'd fallen in love with a barmaid Said
Pam Tillis - Love Is Only Human
Tonight I am the hero that you dream Tonight I am the angel that you see Tonight We shine with love so new But time alone will tell us what is true Cause time can bring an angel down to earth And time
Pam Tillis - Make It Feel Better
You are a stranger, a stranger to me One more face without a history I've been so lonely, so lonely too long That tonight all my inhibitions are gone And you got no lines that I haven't heard Anyway,
Pam Tillis - Maybe It Was Memphis
looking at you through a misty moonlight catydid sing like a symphony porch swing swayin' like tenessee lulaby melody blowin through a wilow tree what was I supposed to do? standing there looking at y
Pam Tillis - Melancholy Child
A baby with a baby just barely seventeen My mother mourned her innocence While she bounced me on her knee A daddy on the road added to her tears and trials Like silver rain they fell upon this melancho
Pam Tillis - Never Be The Same
From the highest highs To the lowest lows We've gone as fare as two can go And we'll never, never be the same And we fought to keep our love alive When it was hard enough just to survive And we'll ne
Pam Tillis - Not Me
(Stephony Smith/Cathy Majeski/Sunny Russ) I followed you around like a little lost child barely dancin' with your shadow I didn't say a thing, I let you run wild 'til your love pierced me like an arrow
Pam Tillis - One Of Those Things
There's no mistakin' what's taken place here, I can't pretend anymore, You know that I love you, but its not enough To keep you away from my door. Now its too late to wonder what's left to be tried Yo
Pam Tillis - Popular Girl
Her name pops up in every conversation Got a way of firin' up the boy's imagination Oh yeah, she's popular girl She's a popular girl She's obscene in all the right places Not good at names but she don
Pam Tillis - Put Yourself In My Place
Well she broke your heart into a million pieces And your confidence is scattered on the wind Your mind is set on never even tryin' love again But you don't own the only heart that's been broken Baby I'
Pam Tillis - Rough And Tumble Heart
It's been kicking around since '72 And there's not a whole lot that it ain't been through Never quite learned to play by the rules And there's one in every dreamer Well, it's hung around where it didn'
Pam Tillis - Shake The Sugar Tree
(Chapin Hartford) (Track 5 - Time 3:08) Love, you're getting lazy You're forgettin' to give me Sweet sugar words that I wanna hear You've been neglectin' me You know jealously, it is a bitter as a gr
Pam Tillis - Sunset Red And Pale Moonlight
(Kim Richey) We gave the day up to a back road And let it take us out of town To a spot down by the river To watch the sun go down We must have sat and talked for hours Not giving in to the night An
Pam Tillis - Tequila Mockingbird
(Pam Tillis/Mel Tillis, Jr.) It's a slow, smoky scene at the county line cantina Where strangers stop to hear her sing a song She's a legend 'round these parts For stealing all the hearts of cowboys on
Pam Tillis - The River And The Highway
(Gerry House/Don Schlitz) She follows the path of least resistance She doesn't care to see the mountain top She twists and turns with no regard to distance She never comes to a stop And she rolls, she
Pam Tillis - We Must Be Thinking Alike
(Chuck Jones/Chris Farren) So many nights we didn't fight but never talked much We just lost touch I think we knew our dream come true was slowly dying No denying Now comes the time we must decide to
Pam Tillis - Whiskey On The Wound
(Leslie Winn Satcher) He was strong and of sound mind 'Til the day he crossed the line Between an east Kentucky girl and his wife In his heart there wasn't room So they tore his heart in two And he s
Pam Tillis - Wish I Was In Love Tonight
The stage is set The lights are low Soft music on the radio The sheets are fresh The wine is cold And nights like this Were made for love And now there is only one thing wrong I wonder why I'm all
Pam Tillis - You Put The Lonely On Me
(Leslie Winn Satcher) A baseball glove in the second grade put this little scar on my chin And at 31 they put glasses on me when I couldn't tell an h from an n I bounced back from all of that Nothin's


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