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Pale Saints - A Deep Sleep For Steven
i can recognize the lies(?) where everything is fine and everything is mine (?) i can see what's in your head the things you haven't said are hiding in your head watch the planets change their shape
Pale Saints - A Thousand Stars Burst Open
no longer cradled in gravity's memory still in ??? lessness spinning in torment ??? into the lightning white
Pale Saints - Babymaker
breaking through into the waters heat it won't be long it's impossible to understand there's no way of knowing and no way out take a breath and tear it out (up?) it's not enough as the sky gets ne
Pale Saints - Featherframe
losing everything the frame on which you hang the constant (???) the source of pain losing everything that she should bring waking up the ??? held inside the moving space is left to take your place
Pale Saints - Fell From The Sun
you fell from my sun now you're feeling so cold never thought morning could feel so alone they say you've got to live by doing(?) she says she felt so alone(?) they say every day is ??? like the sun
Pale Saints - Hair Shoes
how long can i contain this wretched that no cure can tame feel it coursing through me still never knew that i could so ill your wings are over me if only i'd the strength to try to hide watch me f
Pale Saints - Henry
this is much too nice pressing now inside this is much too light ??? puts fear to bed the seeds left in her head don't let me forget ??? this is much too nice pressing now inside this is much too l
Pale Saints - Hunted
never alone sticks fast to him as shadows loom (?) it tracks him everywhere he goes surgeon's hands the only way to free him from the one he begs will disappear feels free in his sleep (???) but t
Pale Saints - Insubstantial
come hither say these words either way i will ??? hide(?) yourself don't believe in those who lead(?) trade(?) the way underneath you must see they decieve oddity(?) don't break the spell don't
Pale Saints - King Fade
Pale Saints - Language Of Flowers
see me a snapshot narrating my previous life and a mountain of other lies numbers and letters and letters surfacing from a sea of treacle blackened stone(?) and carrying me back home i hear the lang
Pale Saints - Liquid
silver head what makes you sick inside she stood by you seasons hand holds your dream ??? ways you can be all meanings can frame the pattern of your fins ? swims and lights ??? truth all oth
Pale Saints - Little Gesture
short burst of Gesture Of A Fear, see below
Pale Saints - Little Hammer
pounding away in the back of my head until i've almost lost myself and those red and black patterns in which nothing happens have made me sleep a beautiful voice is a nail being pulled out of wood c
Pale Saints - Neverending Night
i sit and wait for birth and being from day to night back to beginning i see i see but now i look you're disappearing the ? that falls is deafening can't sleep can't sleep
Pale Saints - One Blue Hill
time to swim and time to see minds (mimes mines) the yellow ring upon the sea find me some more time and i'll sing for my tea do you still know him? do you still know? time's a whim and time is fr
Pale Saints - Sea Of Sound
your body's cold you're on the bed i'm the only one who knows you're there i'm reeling in that silver line the cord that brings you back in time reality obscures my view the pain of wanting to when
Pale Saints - Song Of Solomon
my name is dead my thoughts are dead my name is dead my thoughts are dead i tried to find a goldmine (doorway?) but it was hidden in the song (sand?) of solomon i was buried in the earth i was roo
Pale Saints - Suggestion
my strength is sapped and i'm closing my eyes nothing to wrestle with but my old times i'm closing my eyes it's my place and think i can make it on my own nothing to wrestle with but my old times
Pale Saints - Throwing Back The Apple
don't fall too deep don't try and sleep beneath the ? that ? it's coming through taking over you it's coming through pouring into you it hurts so much but you're close enough to step outside again
Pale Saints - Time Thief
thought we could breathe easily it's not often instead it descends to sew our dreams and mail us into ??? chase it cos it's dangerous on foot you know i'd help you if i wanted to try to fill a hole
Pale Saints - True Coming Dream
are you still here ??? rushes on and you think it's wrong they're only in your head things you create just the empty shells of ??? yesterdays so you never breathe a word selfish (?) with yourself
Pale Saints - Under Your Nose
paint dries and feelings die what you wanted was always under your nose your face lies and changes your size (sighs) i wanted the whole picture but you never wished to what you wanted was always un
Pale Saints - You Tear The World In Two
tear the world in two and choose a half but(?) look inside you you are what you are i've seen it through and you will too i can tell that you feel these things too ??? and teach yourself to walk


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