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Pale Forest - A Perspective On Certain Matters According To X
Mr. man on the moon do you own a fishing pole I would surely take your bait into my mouth and feel you tugging at me just maybe I would try to escape or tease you for a while then I would let m
Pale Forest - Asylum Pyre
Conscience has me easily disturbed the moving things around me makes me weep Why can't they stop so I can see them properly? It makes me wonder if I'm slightly in daze My hands are thrown into a gr
Pale Forest - Becoming One
Patterns lull me in to sleep still I can not reach your keep My ship lies still upon the sea and yet no harbour can I see Sunsweet voices call my name sweeter pictures calm my shame Realm of sa
Pale Forest - Bedlam Friends
I'm clinging to the red drapes while listening to eaten tapes The footsteps booming in my ear every second a hundred years The walls are tall and white plenty of room to fly my kite My skin is
Pale Forest - Butterfly Clan
When we were young and regarded the world with hope we came to feel pretty soon the burning of the rope The cosmos grew far too vast, our faces turned to stone engraved by sleepless nights and the ch
Pale Forest - Fading
[pt. 1 symbiosive] What is one without the other? nigh5t to feed the light of day Like a child deprived of mother ears to hear and tongue to say What is dry if wet was never? evil feeds onwhat i
Pale Forest - Inside The Violence
Once forever in without Flow the magma from the sun Solitaire I am within I'm forever only but I want to fade away Never could I be as lonely ...and everlasting Beautiful be all that I se
Pale Forest - Karma Violins
Sunken are the eyes of my creation into a glass containing smelly puss Whatever sense of gratitude I may have felt It went away too soon He was your son, I was your daughter and the dream would l
Pale Forest - Layer One
Pale Forest - Mentally Deranged
There's that something in your eyes again I can't get you to speak I try to catch your gaze Are you watching someone else? I try to hold you up, but you go limp and you feel so cold I try to ge
Pale Forest - Mistaken Identity
Son, it's never as it seems the flowing of the silver streams Where people laugh and smile and say no day is as beautiful as today I wear the mask of perfection whenever their heads turn my way
Pale Forest - Mooncycle
one two three four five six seven eight don't you know it's all to, all to late nine ten, lion's den, sell the hide, suicide come with me, you will see how it's all supposed to be Shapes of fire,
Pale Forest - Mother Cocoon
Nestled up inside chrysalis is warm Feeding in my hive, soon I will be gone But, years have gone by and the walls are still to strong Embraced in claustrophobic care Safe, and with my belly ful
Pale Forest - Mr Trenchcoat
Hey mister trenchcoat what gray weather were having Hey mister sad thought I sometimes wonder were youre going Hey mister trenchcoat what illusions do you carry Hey mister un-bought is this t
Pale Forest - NineEight
Big screen Wide promises not worth keeping Would you even think of how I felt In the dark your hand in mine not worth the weeping Your hand on my chest That big old ship sinking like you
Pale Forest - Nothing Left
All good things have ended now my voice no longer speaks out loud I'm silent and cold within my options silenced by your skin Wrapped me in your deadly sins for I am the one who's line is thin
Pale Forest - Part II
Nails scratching wooden surface Eyes red from tears like blood Torn hair in clenching fist A guttural scream from the mouth you kissed It seems so far away now just as if it has never been Seem
Pale Forest - Pictureframe
In my garden, among the trees runs a river, ten foot deep in it lies a hundred tears In my garden, among the trees In my dreams, among the ruins of past and present fears and lies. I dance on a
Pale Forest - Proom Queen
I am so ugly, and it turns me inside out Queen of the ball, yeah I really have no doubt you just want to bring me down to make my moans the only sound and they have to wear the crown at last the
Pale Forest - Revelation
No one had taken notice of her smile No one had spotted her tears No one had deemed her good or vile No one had calmed her fears But she brought me a golden heart on a velvet chain You know we'
Pale Forest - Sound Of The Machine
Turn your head and face the hole from where the white illutions shine Cast a glance upon the mole which taints the skin so pure, so fine The garden hangs inside a room so dark, yet brightly lit
Pale Forest - Spiral
The hour of souls is the night by your side the whisper of angels, your breath I sleep behind the moon with your slender hand in mine The ceiling is gone above me spins the spiral shaft spinnin
Pale Forest - Taller, Yet Smaller
Strange is how I truly feel when I watch the world outside Everything appears unreal with nowhere left to hide When I was younger the light in my room would stay on with the light of the moon N
Pale Forest - These Old Rags
Smoother surface than before eyes set to a different shore But what of that which lives within this face Sweeter scent than before renewed temptation, open door But what of that which stirs insid
Pale Forest - Tristesse
If I say I love you will you stay or want ot wither, fade away If I show you the sun and the night of my past will a smile cross your face but just vanish too fast In the greener field she lies t


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