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Painful Memories - In My Tomb
My Home is the Tomb In the captivity of the Holy Land I don't see a Light for ages In the cramped caske t I don't see the Sun and the sky There is Realm of Death Only demons talk with me here! Way b
Painful Memories - Memorial To Suffering
This Pain remainds of Doom The roaming is aimless Beeng uncertain is accompanied By loss of a vital power So We make them So We make the monsters Who are the results of our Morbid imaginations The
Painful Memories - No One Remains
Everybody is dead, nobody lives with me, nobody is here to help me I'm quiet alone at present... Is there a meaning in my life, my stupid life now! There is one joy left to me: to wait for my death! It
Painful Memories - The Weeping Of Unborn Children
The Bruts who have taken from their own lifes the enjoyment Are disposing of other lives now! Yes, they do it. It's a pity They are merciless killers comiting deadly sins They give terrible death to the
Painful Memories - Why
The time's flow is inevitable The vainities devour our power Why do we rush about the Earth Possessed by vain Hopes of changes Death is inevitable Fate is invariable As ever! It's boring to have, to


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