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Pain Of Salvation - ! (Foreword)
[music & lyrics: daniel gildenlæw] WALK WITH ME! There are worlds to see! Listen to me now - You. Listen to me now - You. Do my words mean more to hear when I am standing here? On a stage
Pain Of Salvation - Ashes
You claim I don't know you, but I know you well I read in those ash eyes we've been through hell I've walked with the weakest just to feel strong You've given your body just to belong Let's burn togeth
Pain Of Salvation - Beyond The Pale
And SEX was always there from when I was only eight years - tempting me leave thirsty Sweat, skin, a PULSE divine to balance this restless MIND - it seems so wonderfully physical Oh the BLOOD, the lust,
Pain Of Salvation - Black Hills
[Music: D.Gildenlow] 'They tell all the people of Europe, it's a good, clean industry, it's a great way to save the world. But I'm here to tell you that now they're knocking on our door because they can
Pain Of Salvation - Circles
[music & lyrics: daniel gildenlow] ( he's counting time in beggings and bottles fading away beneath old news so he's lost some faith, but still there are fire deep inside that he must drench to nu
Pain Of Salvation - Dedication
I watched you die Though you had always been there Since I first came into this world Outside people smile I ask - why this deep blue sky? When you have left this world today Does it not know when to
Pain Of Salvation - Falling
Pain Of Salvation - Fandango
Watch them dance... She is intimacy - a wonder of closeness Fighting hypocrisy - a lonely child that Never could believe, yet never give up On life's insanity Understanding is all, she fails to fin
Pain Of Salvation - Handful Of Nothing
[Music: D.Gildenlow] 'In time of war the first casualty is truth.' 'What broke in a man when he could bring himself to kill another?' We've seen it before but safe on our suburb screens Now I am h
Pain Of Salvation - Idioglossia
It all comes back to me Face to the floor Heart in my mouth My forehead hits the pavement Again - numb - again Sharing this humility A circle of humanity Momentarily black in me Immomentarily black
Pain Of Salvation - In The Flesh
She walks these empty streets alone Looking for something they call home Hoping to find some peace of mind Sometimes we need to walk alone She is set on running away Though her mom was yelling she mus
Pain Of Salvation - Leaving Entropia (Epilogue)
[music & lyrics: daniel gildenlow] walk with me and see the world I see it is our home it's where we all belong life is flair a brittle dress we wear a fleeting sigh but
Pain Of Salvation - Morning On Earth
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to Silence every beating heart; every sound of breathing Now there is something inside of me that aches as I hear you Breathing here when you sleep between th
Pain Of Salvation - Never Learn To Fly
[Japanese bonustrack] [music & lyrics: daniel gildenlow] When I was a little child, I once found a bird lying on the ground. It would not ever fly again. I held the bird up in my hands, I she
Pain Of Salvation - Nightmist
[music & lyrics: daniel gildenlow] Cold winter winds blow away autumn leaves now. Misty world fades away before my blinded eyes - WHY? Now when I stand at the end of the line, I cling to life w
Pain Of Salvation - Oblivion Ocean
[music and lyrics: daniel gildenlæw] Sleep is too quiet dreams are too painful truth is the bed of this ocean of lies. Sinking through layers of untouched oblivion soaking from sp
Pain Of Salvation - Of Two Beginnings
She is twelve and I'm only ten buried in this soft mountain of pillows Parents away She asks me have I been touched Have I done the thing with anyone yet Silence - a shy no And there is nothing That
Pain Of Salvation - People Passing By
[lyrics by: daniel gildenlow] [music by: daniel gildenlow/daniel magdic] [Part first: awakening] [Daybreak:] A September sun emerges through clouds, chasing across the sky. Thoughts are evoked behind
Pain Of Salvation - Pilgrim
[Music: D.Gildenlow] 'In fire, we can see our past and our coming. For, as with us and our time, these flames are solely born through the complete and utterly consumption of its surroundings. By which,
Pain Of Salvation - Revival
[music: daniel gildenlow/daniel magdic] [lyrics: daniel gildenlow] An eye for an eye. A tear for a tear. A lie for a lie. The weak dress in hatred to hide their fear. We cling to
Pain Of Salvation - Second Love
Day after day Nothing's changed you're far away But I need you to know that I can't sleep anymore By the nights Night after night The stars are shining so bright Though our pain is larger than the
Pain Of Salvation - Stress
[music: daniel gildenlow/daniel magdic] [lyrics: daniel gildenlow] (watching corners and crossing watching all the red lights watching the stress watching beggars and bankers and rushing cars I'm dro
Pain Of Salvation - The Big Machine
[Music: D.Gildenlow/D.Magdic] '...and he actually held up the weapon before our eyes, and there, dressed in a suit and tie, he smiled and told us with pride in his voice that this model was largely repr
Pain Of Salvation - The Perfect Element
Yesterday found him today Caught him at his last breath These walls built to stand come-what-may Lie shattered in the ashes His skin against this dirty floor Eyes fixed on the ceiling He has st
Pain Of Salvation - To The End
[music: daniel gildenlow/daniel magdic] [lyrics: daniel gildenlow] (Sorrow turned into hate. Anger became a thread, to climb with faith. Tasting the life she shed)Time will heal they told him - just i
Pain Of Salvation - Undertow
Let me go Let me go Let me seek the answer that I need to know Let me find a way Let me walk away Through the Undertow Please let me go Let me fly Let me fly Let me rise against that blood-red ve
Pain Of Salvation - Void Of Her
[music: daniel gildenlow]
Pain Of Salvation - Water
[Music: D.Gildenlow/D.Magdic] Ground water moves very slowly. While water at surface can be measured in meters per second, the ground water will more likely be measured in meters per year! Contamination
Pain Of Salvation - Winning A War
[music: daniel gildenlæw/daniel magdic] [lyrics: daniel gildenlæw] Once there was a world out on these fields, that was untouched. Grateful for its love we thanked the earth that gave so much


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