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Page And Plant - Blue Train
Another day is ending And I remember when My world, came falling down Out there the stars stop dancing Lost in my darkness now The rain, keeps falling down Light of my life, where have you gone Love
Page And Plant - Heart In Your Hand
Do you gather flowers for me Moving softly through the trees With the scent against your arms Long ago I knew your charms As I walk through the purple hills of Soon forgotten Know that my heart was i
Page And Plant - No Quarter
Close the door, put out the light You know they won't be home tonight The snow falls hard and don't you know The winds of Thor are blowing cold They carry news that must get through To build a dream f
Page And Plant - Please Read The Letter
Caught out running With just a little too much to hide Maybe baby Everything's gonna work out fine Please read the letter I pinned it to your door It's crazy how it all turned out We needed so much
Page And Plant - Thank You
If the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you If mountains crumble to the sea, baby There will still be you and me, ee-yeah Kind woman, I give you my all Kind woman, nothing more Little dro
Page And Plant - The Battle Of Evermore
The queen of light took her bow And then she turned to go The prince of peace embraced the gloom And walked the night alone Oh, dance in the dark of night The dark lord rides in force tonight And tim
Page And Plant - When I Was A Child
I was reaching for the future Slowly floating in the blue When I was a boy I dreamed a dream of you I danced upon the tree top I drifted with the stream When I was a child I held you in my dreams O
Page And Plant - When The World Was Young
Oh, yeah, here I am I've been here since all time began Oh, oh, I'm here and then Go round and round and back again Ah - ah - ah Ah - ah - ah Hey hey, come look and see My footsteps through eternity
Page And Plant - Wonderful One
So throw it down, Cleveland rain The queen of love has flown again To seek her daughter Who must lie beside the thief Whose golden tongue she will believe Defies the order, ohhh Ohh, that is why Ohh
Page And Plant - Yallah
Rendest rachib, rhud rhip zelp borachs un fun dehl noach, shochen zoap Oh ohhhhh, oh yeah Ah ahhhhh, oh yeah And your city will fall And your corn won't grow To the silence from the temple Hear the


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