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Obtained Enslavement - A Black Odyssey
[Music: Heks] [instrumental]
Obtained Enslavement - Carnal Lust
[Music: Heks & Døden/Words: Pest] I yearn for the departure of the holy trinity Hooded I stand triumphing above the rest The frosty mist lies thick over the holy ground As the mooneclipse creates a
Obtained Enslavement - Charge
[Music: Heks & Døden/Words: Pest] Am I here to stay forever.......or not at all? My flesh is yearning for the spirit world. A last battle must be fought, for those of flesh. Total destruction - lay th
Obtained Enslavement - Millenium Beast (Awaiting The Feast)
Drowned in snow they lie in mountains Reaching heaven high A creature of war can be seen from afar Nervously his beast approach the jaw of stone He places his feet upon the frozen ground A wind of
Obtained Enslavement - Nightbreed
[Music: Heks & Døden/Words: Pest & Døden] Before him in an aura of light appeared a being not of human breed. Pale as death, with eyes as dark as those of midnight ravens. In visions he now saw the an
Obtained Enslavement - Ride The Whore
We walked the earth before the dawn of man Nevermore shall mankind live, for we shalt rule these lands Forgotten shall the mortals be, the strong alone shall stand We are the superiors, the demigods
Obtained Enslavement - Scrolls Of The Shadowland
The grim force set sail into a world of magic where wastelands were blue-soaked, in the capes of the mountains [Chorus:] With a hunger as great as the most ancient of daggers Six were the days to b
Obtained Enslavement - Stepping Over Angels
Carnal lust dwells in the mind of the angel who sits at his feet of his master And God - heaven alone can no longer please him, after glimpse of the race this is walking below The pleasures of flesh
Obtained Enslavement - The Dark Night Of The Souls
[Music: Heks/Words: Døden] Then came the dark night of the souls. A mystery veiled in secrets. Every strike of the moon was followed By suffering in every sense of the word. On the seventh month of
Obtained Enslavement - The Seven Witches
[Music: Heks/Words: Døden] For the Sabbath of the seven witches And their dance for the unholy arrival As the warlord appears in crystal views No eyes shall ever see again. There are nights and the
Obtained Enslavement - The Shepherd And The Hounds Of Hell
A vast and naked landscape bathes in the blood-red setting sun A pale man dressed in cape, walking on the field alone His rod is dragged along the soil he walks upon The flame that once burned in his
Obtained Enslavement - Torned Winds From A Past Star
[Music: Heks & Døden/Words: Pest] A lightning rips the sky apart The ground is covered with snow The trees are torned by the winds from the past And the sky is left with scars I hear a voice from a
Obtained Enslavement - Utopia Obtained
I declare war upon a heaven that was ours This I swear - by the ancient gods that the Millennium Beast devoured I'll desecrate - you'll tremble at my feet Step aside - as I place myself upon his seat
Obtained Enslavement - Veils Of Wintersorrow
[Music: Heks/Words: Døden] I am the shadow of your pain in existence You please my nocturnal hunger My hunger for the black moons arise from the white sky Unlighted by the frozen fires of winter My
Obtained Enslavement - Voice From A Starless Domain
[Music: Heks & Døden/Words: Morrigan] Wandering endlessly in solitude A vision guides. A vision of wisdom and magic. Fear reigns in his heart. His cursed soul yearns for an end. A veils lays acros
Obtained Enslavement - Warlock
[Music: Heks/Words: Pest] We dance in the heart of the forest Our fingers cast no shadows Torches light the circle The coven begins Goddess of fire Cast me thy moonspell Grant me the powers of the n
Obtained Enslavement - Witchcraft
[Music: Heks & Døden/Words: Døden] I am the face of the sky... ...And thou shall worship the night... The fog between the moons Thy life thou shall take from this Thy sisters are thou And thou


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