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Obsidian Gate - Behold The Imperial Rise
In an age when the earth was born deep in the black maw of eternity's void I commanded them - abysmal creatures, my minions, to prepare our rise. Neither beasts nor human beings wandered the earth whe
Obsidian Gate - Colossal Christhunt
The grim visage of the night enthralls the vast silhoutette of ancient Rome, where in his glorious cruel palace the grand emperor resides in baptized blood. Nero, emperor granded with Satan's flame, o
Obsidian Gate - Dux Bellorum
I am the bringer of war, herald of bloodshed and anguish. I am the slaughterking of Satan, sovereign of the arts of battle I am the one who made the rivers become streams of blood. I am the usurper of
Obsidian Gate - From The Infinite Forge Of Time
Like a blistering stream, the black spirits still surround the planet since the kingdom was in slumber, deep in the earth itself. When the cosmos expanded again, the old kings awakened to recreate the f
Obsidian Gate - Invoke The Dragon Constellation
[Conjurer:] O thou hidden laws of the realm beyond death, thou who walked when the earth was pure fire, and fire was the only light in the shining darkness of the cosmos within. I convoke thee inmidst
Obsidian Gate - Of Pures Pandaemonium
Devour, O glorious pyre, thou who came straight from hell, where pain is the seed on burning soil and the horned one reigns with flaming hand... Devour, O glorious flame, leap up high, thy shine shal
Obsidian Gate - The Bethorian Shrine
Bethor - My dreams thou infest, thy magick enchants my blade, my sword from the black meteor at the drakest hour of night. Take my gifts! Bethor - Demon of proud Jupiter, I kneel to thy black altar-s
Obsidian Gate - Tide Of The Envenomed Oceans
Invading into the depths of writhing souls banished here, their energy of martyrdom for his honour feeds my vision of utter hell, I see the beauty of earth reversed therein, black seas of sin, plagued
Obsidian Gate - Urgewalten
And I saw descending - the stars, the materia of darkness, unknown to the creatures - those worms, just splinters of this mirror: Life... Above are the isles in the dark, where evil prevails anythin
Obsidian Gate - When Death Unchains The Spectre
In the eyes of death I journey, a vortex of supreme black gales where swift light of deep blue Kaos focus in the invincible blackness. My evil soul grows in strength... The shell of flesh is left behi


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