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Oblivion Dust - 24 Hour Buzz
I need adrenaline I need love The skin I'm in is breaking up I need something to satisfy my lust before I start to cry I need to feel the rush inside Spaced-out, face-down, based-out, coming down
Oblivion Dust - 30
Lights out girl I'm coming in I can't talk but I can sing to you So paralysed and moving I can tell I'm falling behind Come on Are you ready now Hey girl I'm coming in Take back my everything
Oblivion Dust - Again
(You did) Call my name, call me all of the time Another way to pollute the air around me sweetly... say something Feed me lies, feed me all of your lies I never notice, I never ever really had to..
Oblivion Dust - Alien
She has just touched heaven But acts as though it's broke She can't help it She can't mend it Alien...Alien... I stole the colors off her And changed myself just like her They don't see me
Oblivion Dust - Black Tongue
The lights that shine in your eyes Just keep me shadowed, underneath and scared I'm never gonna fight Image, open wound, synthetic stain Let you hate me if you open my eyes Make me unafraid Tel
Oblivion Dust - Blurred
Hiding it all away In such a blurry haze It's getting blurred While all the dust that is blown becomes a gentle flow Getting blurred You let the madness begin You let the sadness back in for no
Oblivion Dust - Crawl
I woke up thinking how I've never had a good time I seem to lack the kind of life that everybody has I gotta have it, I gotta have it The perfect feeling that everybody has A little confused To w
Oblivion Dust - Crazy
Ano toki Kanjiteta Kimi no Hikari o Ima demo Sagashite iru yo Te ni tameteru Namida de Kareta hana Ikikaerase Take me back home Feed me your love Kiete ikanaide he said Oh cause I'm crazy w
Oblivion Dust - Designer Fetus (ReMastered)
If you've found me call my answer phone A play back to help the bruises glow I'm afraid to be alone right now Thought I was still unborn But they've pulled me out and they've got me living Someti
Oblivion Dust - Destination
Just keep me moving on That's what I'm telling myself I guess I should get fixed All the parts are broken It happens all the time I wonder where I am How long must I wait For everything to en
Oblivion Dust - Disappear (All Of You)
Come a little closer to me Hurt is in motion with me Calling out for all the things that I never had, never want, never need Used up emotions in me Some things will never... I still see you eve
Oblivion Dust - Easier Then
This loneliness is a wind up It isn't a wind up Or is it a maybe? She's gone and left all her dreams Her head's full of screams Such a perfect disease She's got a black little gun now A black
Oblivion Dust - Elvis
Slowdown, gagged and bound You don't know what you've been taking No sound, dragged around You came down and you're still faking Slowdown, gagged and bound You don't know what you've been taking
Oblivion Dust - Erase
I bought a breakdown torn out paper cut heart To find another rejection Ever lasting phases A fake smile to chase some cheap affection Reduce me to a bad infection You're guilty of love fraud T
Oblivion Dust - Faces Of You
A clean dose Anti adrenaline A new breed A special specimen You see me look I'm looking down at you A pretty face But it ain't the face of you I envy you You are so Hollywood Fake littl
Oblivion Dust - Forever (ReMastered)
Alone again Demo minna onaji sa Nana-jyuu paasento no naka de oboreteirunda Broken youth Oh fukanzen de Ashita ni chikazukenai tokoro aishiteru Kanashisa ni kizukenakute Always Together for
Oblivion Dust - Future Womb
I'm pitifully delicate Lost in no one else's space but mine I'm floating around I'm loaded up on uncut hurt That breaks me down and slowly cuts me up My memory kills I need to put my pieces bac
Oblivion Dust - Girlie Boy Imitation 6
Old man looking bad with orange hair mascara on I hate you do'nt you, don't you, don't you know You're useless, clueless, faceless imitation #6 Men in tights, flashing lights Singer, actor, start s
Oblivion Dust - Goodbye
Kowarekaketa hibi Tsukurinaoseba ii I'm breaking down To live forever Chikadzuku nara ima Kimi to boku to de It's a now or never Let's make it better Mou wasuresasete Ima kara Umarekawaru M
Oblivion Dust - Helium Love
Mother Wipe these tears from my eyes I think I'm lost Father Don't you recognize? I think that I'm home I got helium love all around And I'm falling faster right through the ground Helium l
Oblivion Dust - Hello
Hello You are coming through to my world now Hello You are coming through to my world now You're stuck filled up with emptiness You are waiting to catch some breath But I don't need to be upset C
Oblivion Dust - In My Head
Time to empty head Try and dream instead Let memory trip and finally slip Like acid in milk Garbage in silk Dripping and oozing your sex over my guilt And I really don't know who to care about
Oblivion Dust - Lucky 10
I wish I'd never met you I wish I'd never met you I wish I'd never met you I wish I'd never met you My lucky #10 Let me down again My lucky #10 Supposed to be my friend Stole my heart again
Oblivion Dust - Lullabye
( Don't need to be unhappy So please don't cry We're already there We're gonna be so... ) Don't need to be unhappy We're gonna be so happy Don't need to be unhappy We're gonna be so happy Lullabye
Oblivion Dust - Next Big Thing
(Smile) Something that's innocent Is still something that makes me cry No wonder No one ever knows my name Here we are: the next big thing (In reality that's not the way things are) Champagne
Oblivion Dust - No Medication
Enter with the minus I exsist just to fuck you in my brain Better to be vacant All you've known can be easily thrown away Good times Good times Good times Good lies Crash out and I'm speedi
Oblivion Dust - No Regrets (featuring AD)
I did myself damage, I know I did it by myself yeah Filled myself with rubbish, I know I did it, I did it I did all this and more and wondered who to blame But I can't pretend anymore, I did the dama
Oblivion Dust - Numb (Version 02)
Find me some time to believe in me The cages that we adore Keeps us cold The silence held in her hand A glorified smile I need you to be there again Just like some strange imaginary friend I
Oblivion Dust - Plastic Wings
Sleep sand and dust have made me feel old and paranoid I need control, I need to glow once again Designed to fly or maybe just die My plastic wings Images of perfection might purify Long way down
Oblivion Dust - Pure
Stab it in me Inspiration Got so little to hold onto Let me know that I would love to Throw some acid on top of you I want to be so pure I want to be so pure Cut you up and rearrange you I
Oblivion Dust - Radio Song
Radio to radio With the midlight going down You know you are Radio to radio Yeah It doesn't really phaze me It doesn't really break me or complete me Cause it's swollen and untrue when they say I
Oblivion Dust - Remains
The more we live, the more we become...ashamed A walking corplse, so senseless and dumb..Remains I made it A mayday come Save me Save me No one cares and how our hearts are cut We sell oursel
Oblivion Dust - Sinking
The X-ray is on They see through my mind And I can hear you say stop (Why?... Why?...) Their T.V. is wrong My feelings are backwards And I can hear you say stop (Why?... Why?...) Why do I t
Oblivion Dust - Sneer
well I really was sinking /in desire / Feel at ease now You need direction >> Try and pick up the pieces >> oh how quickly we can fall /but that's not the question so reassuring to know there's anoth
Oblivion Dust - Strychnine Tomorrow
Waking up every day So vague Saw it on her empty face So strange Drown her if she can't be free Her plea Fallen heroes in your dreams I see What's there tomorrow? Strychnine tomorrow Wh
Oblivion Dust - Sucker
Stop me from dreaming A sigh is deceiving Believing is easy, but there's nothing to believe in with you I have a cancer My mind is a coma I can be tanned by neon lights for only so long I fell
Oblivion Dust - Sugar Free
Blue ocean fills me Sunshine don't Slowly watching all the pain disappear It's the only way It's the only way Shut down all the main controls to my fear It's a method to leave I've died so ma
Oblivion Dust - The Nude
Take my life, plug the hole See me wash away again I can see all the rides Enter them but I slide Shoot the bird out the sky Flapping wings out of life No more sight No more light No more s
Oblivion Dust - Therapy
I am so bored of life I want neon lights fixed to my electric chair I am so bored of life that I feel sensational Can I become your friend? Got glowing bits of face And you are not as paranoid as
Oblivion Dust - Trust
Move onto you undetected Think that it's time that you should trust me Locate the melody if you can Droppping like superstars from heaven (Check it up) I will take you there I am your tomorrow
Oblivion Dust - Waiting For God
(One, two, three, four, five, sex, seven, Ugly children go to heaven) I hope in faith I leave no trace Pray for the blind, Stay undefined Time is a debt, I have regrets I know the truth, not bullet
Oblivion Dust - Which Half Do You Own
Sweaty little eyeballs that see me Don't really see that much Half of me is paid for and sold out But the other half still belongs to me (Or at least I think it does) What is it you see? What i
Oblivion Dust - Wrong Decision
Can't control It's in my sores Purity fades from out of my pores I want all my love back I want all I've done back Head in hands... Head in hands... Head in hands... Head in hands... (Sucking
Oblivion Dust - You
Yeah Doro darake no T.V. screen Kimi no utsutteru [shi-n] Naze ka kodoku ni kanjiru You Kimi ga tsukuriageta Uso darake no sekai wa Totemo suteki da yo ne (I linger... I linger...) Don't wann
Oblivion Dust - Your Yesterday
She is so used and pure Deformed and beautiful She doesn't need a cure So cruel and wonderful I'll glow for you Hold onto you I'll need no sympathy When I'm your yesterday If you want me to


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