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Obituary - Back From The Dead
Fall, white light fell. You fear, the point death sent. Rise the dead's awake. You, you like to find me in what's right. Like to dream me in hell, dying. We're back, we're back and for once more. Lik
Obituary - Back To One
A stab in the back With a fearless knife With no regard To an innocent life Ruthlessly killing We're terrified (What terrible fun) Now that your falling With nowhere to run Back to the one That yo
Obituary - Blood Soaked
Rot your soul to live. Death I've seen beyond. Killing the darkest time. Rotting out the chains. Darkness falls unto. Ready the golden child. Pain evolves this way. Killing the darkest time. Time.
Obituary - Body Bag
You're rising Cure you of the dead You're dying Live beyond the way Falling thru the gates Scavenge you With the darkening light Thru the falling going low Thru the death of those The dying... We
Obituary - Boiling Point
Boiling Point What no shame Broken Dreams What no shame I have come for you Since I was to die Boil to unknown sights Make believe broken dreams Broken dreams Boiling point Point of no return Fe
Obituary - By The Light
Destiny, feel disgrace. I'm the one that's fallen. I'm the one in pain. I'm the one that's going. Forces decay in pain, by the light. The suffer is cold. There's colors Searing his face. Drifting t
Obituary - Cause Of Death
With the dying Rot in hell religious one (Cold fate) the chosen son Find the darkness kill the day You said you'd never cease saying We're the cause of death Find the one kill the need You're the on
Obituary - Circle Of The Tyrants
After the battle is over And the sand's drunken the blood All what there remains Is the bitterness of delusion The immortality of the Gods Sits at their side As they leave the walls behind To reach
Obituary - Corrosive
As you begin to fall. A terror with those that fear. A trust in your beliefs. Be forced to no release. The corrosion fills your mind. Your eyes turn to stone. A killer becomes in you. ...desire.
Obituary - Dead Silence
Not the one Souls are gonna burn You're the one Coming down the dead Thru the darkness Skies are gonna shout Pray for lies But who's the one to go Streams of blood Flow into the streets Feeds the
Obituary - Deadly Intentions
Dead. With the rotting one below. Live. Leaving the one who died. You. Lie. You. Rotting as one. Destiny comes. Dying of this fear. Death is the one. Now he has come. Dying. The body's crying.
Obituary - Download
Face yourself in Burns with fortune. Comes with the falling rain. Peels down, racist game. Death falls, blood pours. Then we see lies pour, lies pour. Come to the falling, life's near the end. Life'
Obituary - Dying
We're dying For our souls to learn We're dying For our souls to burn We're dying For our souls to learn We're dying
Obituary - Feed On The Weak
Spirits call, spirits rise. Desolate sky, spirits die. Haunting for the silence as the sickness falls within. You've got your strays, the mice are killed. It stems between the sick. Spirits call, spir
Obituary - Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts Sigh on to you just lost the blow Sigh on to you Sigh on to you My friend Fell thoughts of soul's descend Final Thoughts Sigh on to you My friend Might be is this the end The pain hu
Obituary - Find The Arise
Go -- To find the arise Kill at first sight Fight -- live through the hell War is our prize Twisting their minds Kill at first sight Go -- To find the arise Kill at first sight
Obituary - Gates To Hell
I know that in the depths beneath The guilty are the saved I know living through pain You, will obey You lie..... Living out the pain you feel When youre exposed to all your crimes Low down here ben
Obituary - Godly Beings
When I looked at evils face. Death I've seen beyond. Killing Darkness. Of rotting pain. Chilling your spine. Finding death rots slow. Killing darkness is coming. Flow. Chilling your veins. Rotting
Obituary - Immortal Visions
Your soul. Take mine. Your time. Time. Fighting it low. Yeah. You.
Obituary - In The End Of Life
No will to live Without lights Coming to the end of life Arriving in the end of life Ones decide to sacrifice No will to live Without lights Coming to the end of life Lost in darkness realms to go
Obituary - Infected
Rot beneath below Killing the chance to die... the rising of the dead The pain denies the soul Even after The killing gently Dissection of the light... the rotting of the soul The pain realize the wo
Obituary - Internal Bleeding
Rot Alone. Destiny, killing the souls of lives at your feet. Dead to its fight. Hell as they said. Killing the darkened rotting fate. Fate. Rot Alone. Bludgeoning hell. Finding their souls and return
Obituary - Intoxicated
Robbed of the soul. Live in hell. Rise above the charred believings' bowel. Rise above the soul's chalky chains. Give the destiny what it's named. The darkest white brought in death balloons soon to c
Obituary - Inverted
The feeling contends, once kind. Violence starts, won't cease. Vengeance comes. Want rewards. The servant starts piercing chores. Stitching mouths, once skinned. The gaping wounds left to mend. Reckl
Obituary - Kill For Me
You are coming for You're coming to You're killing for me Realise The point is The pain comes The body fresh You're killing for me Kill for me Kill for me Because Life isn't fair Because The c
Obituary - Killing Time
Arising from the dark a peeling soul to pay Crawling in the light Piercing through your brain Reaching out for help The help in which you pray Searching for the answers To questions which they say
Obituary - Killing Victims Found
Obituary - Like The Dead
[demo version - Remastered edition ('97) bonus] Live like the dead. We find what its like to rise. We die to create. We will not wait. Attack. We see what its like to rise. You to protect. We see t
Obituary - Lockdown
Live face, live wars Live final fallen shore. Wise up down play. Locked spine. The spirits rule, lies down Rip the cord, spent with the dead. Lockdown. Lockdown. Life's pace. Crowds boss. View the
Obituary - Lost
Find out, care for them. Fear the spawn, fear lies dead. Believe you come with me. You'll soon know, god destroys lives. Call for, my future. In the graves, souls find rest. The search for lives fort
Obituary - Memories Remain
You're destined to die Life goes on Even after death Killing for the need
Obituary - Paralyzing
Up and decide Live for the dying need Paralyzing Pain evolves slow Learns Me to suffer for Finds Me the way To the scar... Say what you will Testing to fall Down towards secrets to grow Working t
Obituary - Platonic Disease
Your grips fallen. I'm fallen, we've fallen beyond. Expired, we've acquired platonic disease. No jury, your cause. Speak laws afford the bigot. Back load myself. Lay down the sentence of never ending
Obituary - Pressure Point
A pressure point, feel resort life. Worthless soul, a periled stay. Release fear, to spare, your gone. You come with me through Satan And through the arch of maker's side. A pressure point. A pressur
Obituary - Redefine
Killing for the sacred one Find the words and go beyond Search for the word to find Just follow me and redefine Redefine This will be the constant fear That goes beyond the life-dead trail Falls int
Obituary - Rewind
Resign my brain. Knows bored, minds cored. Your fate has come rewound. I thought the day I'd die you'd rule. Rewind my sense. Range choice of live expense. Days come, nights fall. Fix all mistakes,
Obituary - Rotting Ways
Terror fills My mind Cannot prevent what's mine (revenge was mine) Silence life thats... Fearing the souls of fate Death decides rotting ways Rotting Ways Fear of death the signs from below Rotting
Obituary - Set In Stone
There alive, die as I space you. That's where I cease the spell. The devil loves the pain. Certain victims breath the pain. Buried, weak the soul. No more to you. You're set in stone. Bow at your fe
Obituary - Sickness
... live or die Let them live in pain As I look to the right I see the horror filled within Let the guilty pay Back from the grave From the life of everyone From the bottom of the grave Took the de
Obituary - Slowly We Rot
Kill all. Fight death. Lesions fighting love. Fight them all in a living hell. Slowly rot and you die. You fight death as you slowly realize. Kill them all. Fight death and slowly read in the love.
Obituary - Solid State
Live for the cause pain dies for Deems real the shadows of the door Set falls thru the halls of time There dwells landfill's crime You ask how? Solid State! Kill for the need sick lost time Pidgeons
Obituary - Splattered
Pay for [Me] to go Live to die city grave Found that life wont pay With... What's wrong with your mind Kill thoughts set Me... I dont care to go Just leave Me to die Face scorn live for dying Face
Obituary - Suffocation
Rotting beneath, below. Ranting, Too soon to die. Redefiles all. Ranting She's one to go. Suffocation. Killing The chance denied. Ranting She's only a child. Rise above them all. Lifting the soul i
Obituary - The End Complete
You will soon come with me to die, And find that death is not the end. Who I say, who will, who won't be freed. Tell me that this is not the end complete. Even as the end's complete. Finding strenght
Obituary - Threatening Skies
You've found once, live wise. The taste to come, we'll go. Lost right taking the face, the coming show. Threatening skies. Threatening skies. I will fear rising forms more slow. Live the spell, takes
Obituary - Till Death
Kill. Fight 'til the death in a living hell. Fight 'til the death, remove any wait. Fight 'til the death in a living hell. Fighting death. Fight 'til the death in a living hell. Fight 'til the death,
Obituary - Turned Inside Out
We're coming Rotting in the wastes below We're turned inside out Beyond the darkness we arise We're turned inside out Beyond the fearless cries We're turned inside out Beyond the darkness we arise
Obituary - Words Of Evil
Words of evil. Words of evil. Evil. Lie Alone.
Obituary - World Demise
I have found You have found Before you living groan You got to pay Live for life Follow My steps Exsitence to die... Following in My steps Do live out all My life Do remain in constant fear Going


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