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Nate Dogg - Almost In Love
[Verse 1] I was almost head over heels I was almeost the man of your dreams And you almost had me sprung You were almost my only one [Bridge] Just about had me hooked, 'til I had to take a second lo
Nate Dogg - Another Short Story
[Nate Dogg] Another short story When he be acting bad, don't he make you mad Wanna kick his ass, when he already showed ya He ain't no good and that's a fact Another sad story She constatly says she
Nate Dogg - Backdoor
[Chorus: Nate Dogg] When your days get lonely (days get lonely) When your nights get cold (nights get cold) When the rain starts pouring (rains starts pouring) When your man aint home (man aint home)
Nate Dogg - Because I Got A Girl
When the cats, awake the mice will play thats what the people say all I know is doggs play anyways cuz I play everyday you do it too dont lie soon as you're out my site I seen you creepin by while
Nate Dogg - Concrete Streets
[Chorus] I'm from the jungle with the concrete streets You don't wanna rumble wit the real O.G.'s Man I'll plant ya like a chronic seed And ya girl done ran away wit me I can show you how to catch the
Nate Dogg - Crazy, Dangerous
[Nate Dogg] (Nancy Fletcher) Now life for me (Life for me) livin on the streets (On the streets) used to be, hectic, scandalous (Scandalous) The people I meet (people I meet) when I'm on these streets
Nate Dogg - Ditty Dum Ditty Doo
(feat. Tha Eastsidaz, Snoop Dogg) [Snoop Dogg] Nate Dizzle, Fred Rizzle Put the pieces to the Pizzle! [Chorus: Nate Dogg] All the ladies who like sex like I do Come up to my room I'm gon' give it to
Nate Dogg - Dogg Pound Gangstaville
[Snoop Doggy Dogg] All I know and all I do is D-P-G with the rest of my crew We thru with Milken Milli Vanilli Silly Niggaz who be rappin but they really be actin' I'm smackin' niggaz in they face Fo
Nate Dogg - First We Pray
Black people dont have no, no where to go you know, all we got to do is kick it we gonna kick it in our hood, you know what we gonna do, we might we might go kill a couple of niggaz mane you know, go
Nate Dogg - Friends
[Nate Dogg] Friends, how many of us have them Friends, how many of us have them Friends, how many of us have them Friends, how many of us have them [Snoop Doggy Dogg] Every since I could remember I
Nate Dogg - GFunk
Chorus: G is for the gang of money I make F is for the gang of fools I break U is for the undisputed champ N is 'cause you never gonna get the mic back K is for the niggaz that I knock on they back D
Nate Dogg - I Got Love
[Nate Dogg] I got love... I got love... I got love... I got love... I got love - I, got, love, for, my homies who be rollin wit me They know game - play, no, games, cause, ain't nobody playin wit me I
Nate Dogg - I Got Love (Remix)
(feat. B.R.E.T.T., Fabolous, Kurupt) [Intro: Nate Dogg (Kurupt)] I got love (Yeah for all y'all unaware) (Kurupt!)Fab-u-lous (Smash through, do whatcha do, and whatcha want to) Gang-sta Nate (Nate D
Nate Dogg - I Pledge Allegiance
(feat. Pharoahe Monch) [Chorus] I, pledge alle-giance to all my hom-ies who may ne-ver lo-ove a ho and ne-ver will.. I, give my bo-dyyy and I give my so-ulll to the funk May the funk, never end [Ve
Nate Dogg - In Matter Where I Go
(Chorus) No matter where I go I'm lettin' people know No matter where you go the grass is always green No matter what you say You gotta' release the chains I think it's time I set my spirit free
Nate Dogg - Me And My Homies
(Chorus) Me and my homies tho you know we kick it like everyday Me and my homies, kick it like everyday [Nate Dogg] But I'm alone in my room and I dont have no one to talk to I catch a girl with my
Nate Dogg - Never Leave Me Alone
Chorus(Nate): Never Leave me alone (never leave me alone) Leave me alone (never leave me alone) never leave me alone (Never leave me aloooone) leave me alone (Never leave me alone) Never leave Me alo
Nate Dogg - Nobody Does It Better
(2x) Nobody.... does it better[Nate Dogg] Nobody... does it better Nobody... does it better Chorus (Nate Dogg) They can come closer than close, yeah Original they never will be We bumpin' from coast
Nate Dogg - Puppy Love
[Daz] I ain't got no time for no bitches I gotta clock my dough clownin' Hittin' switches in a green 6-4 With the drink in a on deck and the bombest indo A car full of gas and nowhere to go I gets a
Nate Dogg - Real Pimp
(feat. Ludacris) [Chorus: Nate Dogg] I'm a real P-I-M-P And I love the way the ladies shake that thang From a real G-A-N-G And the haters know this Dogg Pound Gangsta gang Nigga you can't fuck with m
Nate Dogg - Scared Of Love
(Chorus) I'm just a man I'm just a man I'm just a man I'm just a man in love When they asked me why I dont like love or why I dont have a lady maybe its because I know as soon as I tell her how
Nate Dogg - The Hardest Man In Town
Will the hardest man please stand, the homie stood right up Saggin pants, gat in hand, the nigga was a nut Looney low key, O.G., been bangin from the jump Dressed in all black, ready to jack, and he sti
Nate Dogg - Where Are You Going
People where are you going People where are you going Everybody wants to play the game But nobody wants to lose I see my people die everyday That's why I sing the blues Now tell me who wants to roll
Nate Dogg - Your Wife
(feat. Dr. Dre) [Chorus: Nate Dogg] Your wife, my bitch Your love, my trick Her mouth, my dick I fucked, that's it [Verse One: Nate Dogg] All night long, I had her on her back in my Cadillac bro Yo
Nate Dogg - Your Woman Has Just Been Sighted (Ring The Alarm)
Your Woman Has Just Been Sighted (Ring The Alarm) (feat. Jermaine Dupri) [Jermaine Dupri] Cmon Dance with me baby girl [x2] Cmon Dance with me baby girl [x2] [Verse 1: Nate Dogg] Man I was dancing,


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