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Napalm Death - Affixed By Disconcern
Lyrics & Music : Mitch Harris Assume to play a common role to pursue a common goal. Affixed by disconcern. Offer us an explanation or give some form of confirmation. Affixed by disconcern. Disclose
Napalm Death - Armageddon X 7
Lest we forget scorched earth policies, Of megaton and hydrogen, And taut muscle of an armory that flexes, To show the world we mean business! It's all smiles and handshakes, But who moves to dis
Napalm Death - Aryanisms
Put it on yourself to be, a role model, an image, that you feel, should guide the habits, to form a movement of self - infatuated fools. Keeping each to their own, where social bonding is taboo. K
Napalm Death - As The Machine Rolls On
Hiding behind symbols Self delusion Plenty of questions (And no solutions) Visions of change A mere illusion Futile dreams Of revolution Flows of rhetoric Won't influence the change The
Napalm Death - Blunt Against The Cutting Edge
Mitch Harris Blunt / on the cutting / edge This is a stylistic disaster Or so I'm told Won't meet your estimations Do well to fold Can't keep up to the (dummy) run Am I redundant ? Integrity dress
Napalm Death - Born On Your Knees
Born on your knees Life in chains A slow death Into your graves Born on your knees Born on your knees Life of pain Existence restricted By material gains Born on your knees You fucking
Napalm Death - Changing Colours
Adapting to different surroundings, changing your views day by day, too critical of others when you too are at fault. Several sets of opinions like colours to camouflage yourself. Like a fox sly in y
Napalm Death - Christening Of The Blind
Inbred expectations in a belt of social security, free thought demolished. Generations of stereotypes clash, traditional values abolished. Outcries from the blind converted, mentally shocked. Their fo
Napalm Death - Clutching At Barbs
Lyrics : Barney Greenway / Music : Shane Embury Waylaid by the hand that leads. Scale the heights of intimacy. Forewarned, unarmed, one intoxicating whiff and you're snared. Dose up to delirium, cros
Napalm Death - Constitutional Hell
Mitch Harris, Shane Embury Everything fits nicely into place Higher powers take the lead Middleman sits pondering his worth One great scheme to stem (the) objective urge Decision-making And power pla
Napalm Death - Contemptuous
Sadness, despair. Sometimes the things I cherish, sometimes that all I've got. And that's enough. Bitterness, anger. Man made torture, not to be shared.
Napalm Death - Cursed To Crawl
A fragile peace that exists inside A frame so shallow So narrow-minded An open wound We run inside A raging turmoil Helplessness confides... Cursed to crawl For my pale and bleeding heart Curs
Napalm Death - Diatribes
Bite the bit, scream till you're blue in the face Nice pipe dreams or passive revolution? Foot soldiers With weapons of placards and banners How will they stop the rot? No standing to reas
Napalm Death - Display To Me
Domesticate me Into your ideal creation Fondle me When in need of attention Brutalise me As a target for your aggression Inject me With your putrid diseases Stretch my senses Beyond the peak
Napalm Death - Divine Death
Cleansing impurity Seisure of insecurity Divine death Individuality disabled Blinded by fables Divine death Easy prey You will pay Mourn life's loss Rotting on that cross Divine death
Napalm Death - Dogma
Innocence- A painful reminiscence Of what was not And will never be Meant not for me An unjust war On the futile Bludgeoning my affection (wide open) Cries of overkill Scraps of memories
Napalm Death - Down In The Zero
[Music: Embury, Lyrics: Embury] Burning - feel the pain sear Pathless - animation nears Download delinguent fears Sit back - enjoy the rot! Down in the zero Dilemma trebles To balance - erratic stan
Napalm Death - From The Ashes
So much bitterness in this so-called scene. Self righteous ´ leaders ª with their own little dream. Walls of confinement don't stray too far. Evicted for maturing whilst they stagnate.
Napalm Death - Glimpse Into Genocide
Blindness leading Which one of me is real? Through corridors of uncertainty - a force without form I've dug a hole so deep Full of the shit of compromise For once can't I keep Pain on the outside
Napalm Death - Got Time To Kill
GOT TIME TO KILL! Sometimes I wallow in the air, sometimes between a state of good intention and pathos - no worries!! I'VE GOT TIME TO KILL Wear my bleeding heart on a discerning sleeve, the mi
Napalm Death - Greed Killing
The wrong time, the wrong place Our smiling face of distrust Buried, the seed deep in all our heads Prepared ourselves for the fall The greed killing! Instinct to mistrust Instinct - the lust
Napalm Death - Human Garbage
Payed to obey Forced to be silent Human garbage To be destroyed Submit to darkness Forced to conform Human garbage To be destroyed Your mind is dead Your thoughts are void Human garbage
Napalm Death - Idiosyncratic
Not lacking insight or impetus to shout behind ideas that reforms in us will bring about. (As) parallels we run so close yet as I try to draw to you, incoherence rears it's ugly head, Of integrati
Napalm Death - If Symptoms Persist
[Music: Harris, Lyrics: Harris] Fate has brought us here Picture geffing clear See right through you I see right through you I feel for no one Where have my feelings gone? All too powerful Witness
Napalm Death - Inconceivable
Outright - in my thinking And refusal in accepting How a word so mundane as sexism Could in some way relate to me But as I look inside myself I see... Opinions are somewhat blurred in conception
Napalm Death - Indispose
[Music: Harris, Lyrics: Harris] Do you think you can trust? Your mind made up of the things That cause you to live your life Displaced Dispose Give in You've got the best of me Wear thin Resisting
Napalm Death - Inside The Torn Apart
[Music: Embury, Lyrics: Embury] Inside the torn apart Feeding on the lies Lair of sedition Perverse incubation Live through this Love through this... hate this! Learn from this Break through this..
Napalm Death - Instinct Of Surviva
Advertise the product you make Never give but always take Kill and lie for security Your shit on the supermarket Shelves to see Instinct of survival Advertise the product you make Never give
Napalm Death - Just Rewards
I lived for the moment I grabbed hold and I didn't relent (the) skin of my teeth Holds me longer And now I come to claim my just rewards Face down! ground down with no recourse And now I come
Napalm Death - Lowest Common Denominator
Shooting from the lip at those tired old cliches Well it takes one to know one Same difference - roughed up for today Every minute blemish is given that street veneer Choreographed to cut the slack Ju
Napalm Death - Mechanics Of Deceit
Shane Embury Cloacks of sickness / keeping us sweet Delusional blackness / fictional madness Visionary blackness / traps are set Revolting mind doors conspiring our downfall Which came first ? The lie
Napalm Death - Necessarily Evil
Shane Embury I dissolve to a dream of the past Terminate. To remove. Falling fast. At the end of the chain thoughts collect Execute. A degree. I defect. What's it worth ? Sacrifice the earth. It blee
Napalm Death - Next Of Kin To Chaos
Lyrics : Shane Embury / Music : Mitch Harris Stuck in the learning hole, there is no teaching that I can subscribe to - Just the hatred of being afraid. Trapped in a nightmare, nothing can alter this
Napalm Death - Parasites
Permissive slaves To their methods of greed From our needs The leeches feed When will you see? We'll never be free While we sanction This plutocracy
Napalm Death - Polluted Minds
They not only pollute the air They pollute our minds They're destroying the earth And destroying mankind Polluted minds Kill mankind They don't give a shit Long as profits are high They don
Napalm Death - Repression Out Of Uniform
Lyrics : Barney Greenway / Music : Jesse Pintado Phobic - eggshell-walking on a brink. Camera sensor eyes pierce. We excuse stone-set normality. yet send tremors through morality. Frozen optics, trac
Napalm Death - Ripe For The Breaking
...You weren't born with the world falling at your feet The path is long sad agonizing being dragged on your knees ...and the silver spoon in your mouth tastes spoilt with rust When all that
Napalm Death - Rise Above
Lyrics : Lee Dorrian / Music : Shane Embury At time of birth, minds free from suspicion, senses raped, induced with superstition. A pre-set mode to befit description, language, colour, race definit
Napalm Death - State Of Mind
To transgress out, Out of a savage state of mind. A deep rooted, continuous outcry. Territory under rule. But from whom? Do we choose the right to not choose To be fools? To grasp greedily,
Napalm Death - Thanks For Nothing
Mitch Harris Serve my head on a plate Pulp my heart with ill will I did trust you, let to lust you, to be duped Thanks for fucking nothing ! Serve my head on a plate Pulp my heart with ill will Sen
Napalm Death - The Great Capitulator
I'd rating die probing something Than see the urge, shot to fucking pieces Rip that face off - who goes there? You may - you may doubt the necessity You may - you may feign incredulity On break - you'
Napalm Death - The Icing On The Hate
Cut the line - I'm suffocating Cannot feel - without I'm aching Desire lost - my heart is racing I feel cursed - am I mistaken Doomed to walk the path that's chosen Regret - a mountain yet to climb B
Napalm Death - The Infiltraitor
Lyrics : Barney Greenway / Music : Shane Embury Shaped thus, shipped'em out a new deal to flog and flout. Buried up to the neck in socio-aggregate ; Twist an arm and drag it back. Infiltraitor reclaim
Napalm Death - The Missing Link
Lyrics : Lee Dorrian / Music : Bill Steer An integral sense comes with belonging to a scene supposedly absent of barriers (when sexism is only one of many). Earnest words calling for unity of the sex
Napalm Death - The World Keeps Turning
No way forward or back, in stalemate, we stagnate, life cycle is an automation, instinctively, we race to get ahead? And now our virgin minds are raped. Another insignificance to join the rat race. S
Napalm Death - Understanding
Is anger always a positive reaction ? Is understanding often subdued by emotion ?
Napalm Death - Upward And Uninterested
Got to grab all you can - a perversion! Once you had the gall to even up the score, moving in common circles, where the circles stood for human bonds. The tide has turned, allegiance tested. Upwa
Napalm Death - You Suffer
You suffer But why?


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