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Name Taken - For Sunday
For Sunday For 17 years I've let this go, I've let this go No one cares now, not even I now, that this familiar place has never once felt like home So when you think that you have the right to say, wh
Name Taken - I Quit My Scene
It's what you want and who you are. That has always been two very different things. So I wore my best clothes on my last day. That I had to carry us in our uphill war. But I dropped you. Under the shelter
Name Taken - Magnolia
Quit surrounding me i'm already down and gone locked defeat got your eyes pealed the only thing holding me are why won't you quit dragging me around we can tell by now that there's no such thing a
Name Taken - New Song
So walk away from the places that you've come to call home Leave us and this wreck behind, learn to breath on your own For beneath a failed routine there must be a new song And I will watch you sing eve
Name Taken - Safety Of Routine
Won't face this day and I won't care now, the sunrise promises nothing new Everyday is the same when looking straight ahead Caught in the safety of routine I lose myself again And if only for a momen
Name Taken - The Stupid Chad
Another day Shame in hand with apology, for being the things that let you down That I'm so hard pressed to change Trapped alone beneath, an ideal of who to be But you can't relate or realize now That
Name Taken - Waiting
It's hopeless now It seems that there's nothing left I don't care anymore, this failure that surrounds me I accept Because I can't be all the things I want to without you And it won't help to watch you
Name Taken - Write Back
the light bends around us and it keeps us from being found as we find each other once again right back where we started we left our hearts ready to fall back in again open arms seems so far above t
Name Taken - You Do It So Well
and many days you're too far from the sky to feel the sun the warmth you miss i'll no longer try oh to replace just don't go there every friday night to lose yourself till you've lost everything i'


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