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Najwa Nimri - (intro) Wait For
Wait for the time they go Wait for... I wait for the time they go in The silhouettes of black goddess full the air of alert Beauty this time like a tramp All the smoke has gone Champagne shake and ev
Najwa Nimri - All Clear
Like the flight of a butterfly This is full of promises All quiet All clear So you can hear Like the flight of a butterfly This is full of promises All quiet All clear As you can hear Like the fl
Najwa Nimri - Bitten Everywhere
Bitten everywhere Bitten everywhere Get lost in the beginning of this love Bitten everywhere Bitten everywhere It all hurts when something really matters Sometimes you know that really happens You'v
Najwa Nimri - Diamond Animal
Want to be, want to be Want to be your siamese Holing you through the forest The torch will enlighten the way You're still the king History of deer Rebel and darkened When he was five Had eaten pur
Najwa Nimri - Feel The Beat (satie)
All the time i've got to feel All the time i've got to feel I feel love once again I feel love once again I feel the beat in your heart I feel, no Now i feel the beat I feel love once again I feel
Najwa Nimri - Following Dolphins
12 in the morning, Breakfast Yellow orange juice And some wine Later i'm going to float Upwards in the sea Later i'm going to float Upwards in the sea Following the dolphins They allow me to see t
Najwa Nimri - Go Cain
(darling, I see you I'm alright, now) Go cain Day after day I know that you're the one who's gonna win So go cain Ready for the fight The time is not right Ready after all this years For the lov
Najwa Nimri - Hey Boys, Girls
Elephants strayed far from their herds Leathery skinned Leathery skinned Leathery skinned Their swinging trunks And ears of felt Down on the veldt A moonbeam stole Along each tusk And then i sang
Najwa Nimri - Lord Of Nations
You will open the curtains at once But i will be already awake What a little is the earth, earth I want to split it in half Lord of nations I'll make your connections collapse Lord of nations I'll m
Najwa Nimri - Monkeys
It belong us To tack like fire needles Keeping human secret Because some of the monkey's lies Don't still full mouth Don't still full mouth Don't still in places with memory Like arrows with a walki
Najwa Nimri - My Own Shout
It's aimless journey by the sun The way not to feel the hits By the way they will remain gap Under earth preparing the catastrophes And... Like an automatic remedy I heard your voice I want my own s
Najwa Nimri - Near The Air
No more coloured flags filling my sky No more coloured flags filling my mind It is a time of weapons after all Crushed by the need Crushed for money Crushed by the silence Money that breaks you down
Najwa Nimri - New Machine
You have been always a legend Still warm, and let me wonder Maybe is true that i could never Return home back again Home back again But i am a new machine With the rhythm of blade From the falling r
Najwa Nimri - Nobody Asks
Not to make questions Perfect place But anything can happen Nobody asks, but nobody asks If you want the love Like you ever had Whenever you want Whenever you want You're running away From nowhere
Najwa Nimri - Nothing To Do
And now, and now Shut up for an instance And how, and how Stop this stupid violence And now , and now Shup up for an instance You think the way we behave It's anti esthetic And if you think the way
Najwa Nimri - One And Other Lies
This is a believer's song This is a believer's song Only one truth Only one truth And one and other lies This is a believer's truth This is a believer's truth Human cradle One more straggler This
Najwa Nimri - That Cyclone
That cyclone made a mistake I want you to hear Electric crash has to come It should be me, it can be you It should be me Begun the natural fight There we try to remain That's why kitchens, that's wh
Najwa Nimri - The Echo
Drifting gardens Eruptions Fly over scandal Hidden princes, ambassadors, Kings, queens and apprentices Cloud castles in between Fantasy and reality, Fantasy and reality The last piece is in betwee
Najwa Nimri - The Sphinx
The sphinx wants to be prefect But she lost her nose Her cells wants to change But not quite Why should i be afraid You're mute of power With dissolvent i will erase your night And climb to your ete
Najwa Nimri - This Perfume
And words attended by flowers Sound of the beginnings of languages Unify surface turning to the top, Turn into the top Asphyxia in a parched marsh She is the one who watches over our limits Carefully


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