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Naglfar - 12th Rising
The veil of nocturnal beauty Drowns the daylight flames And so IT broods beyond the depths of the horizon never seen by the eyes of man Awakened by the twilight's kiss The nightly rebirth of evil The
Naglfar - Abysmal Descent
In the black depths of my very soul A vast emptiness lies so arcane and cold Caressed by the icy touch of melancholy Like the sweetest of poison it permeates me No more love, no more life I remain col
Naglfar - As The Twilight Gave Birth To The Night
As the twilight gave birth to the night I walked into the forest The twisted trees clawing at the skies These are my true domimions The mist glows red and ablaze the sky and the funeral wind blows col
Naglfar - Black God Aftermath
Droning winds sang my name in choirs so silent and grievous Imploring me to awaken, to enlighten my moonlit eyes Famished, grinning in pain, branded stiff by those scorching rays In vicious grief these
Naglfar - Blades
Your final moon sets On this night you shall die! Your pathetic merciful god, where is he now? He didn't listen to your cry… We will come to you like thieves in the night To extinct, to erase you F
Naglfar - Dawn Of Eternity
[Originally performed by Massacre] Winter ice - terminal frost Closing eyes of equinox Dimensional change - darkening skies The sphere is shackled till dusk Prophet dreams - ride the winds As black h
Naglfar - Devoured By Naglfar
Skin, torn from the flesh of the petrified Drenched by death and absorbed by its coagulating wood When the final nails falls into its place and the devil stands by the helm Then, the howling winds of da
Naglfar - Diabolical
I stared into the broken mirrors of the universe Dragged further unto the grasp of obscurity Called by voices, called towards sin As a black shape of death he sweeps across the land Leading mankind int
Naglfar - Embracing The Apocalypse
Scorching heat brings tears to my eyes As I follow the shadows Down below through the moonlit abyss Riding the winds of damnation Posessed by the hell-fires Enthralled by its glow Receiving sulphur s
Naglfar - Emerging From Her Weepings
[Re-recorded. Originally from Vittra album] Crawling in grief across the distant fields I am the desire of which engraved thee... The formation was set An enormous storm arouse As the thirteenth nigh
Naglfar - Enslave The Astral Fortress
The slench in the air is cold as a winter night The loss of my inner guest The fallen star faded away... Deeper, deeper I sink into the embrace of sorrow The winds of liars caresses me Down here in
Naglfar - Exalted Above Thrones
Oh queen of the night, hear my call I raised my sword as many times before Calling for the empress to return Opening my veins releasing my blood And with the burning midnight mist she came, pale white
Naglfar - Failing Wings
There will be no beauty The secrets of the unborn An angel's cries with it's shattered wings The holy blood is spilled I fell from grace, I fell into the deepest abyss The evocations wrath hit me lik
Naglfar - Force Of Pandemonium
See, disaster is spreading from nation to nation Now the great yellow tempest bears witness of annihilation... of death Worthless replicas made to adore Your scattered herd are a sign of times forlorn
Naglfar - Horn Crowned Majesty
Oh, glorious morning-star, my pridefull light Cast down in the abyss lord of fire, lord of night Unveiled in a vision Poison my heart and soul Come forth and set your child free Kill all once pure ins
Naglfar - I Am Vengeance
Humanity what have you ever done for me? Denounced and cursed since my birth for I am not like thee A proud descendant of the ancient seed Driven forth by the screams of my enemies I am the plague that
Naglfar - Into The Cold Voids Of Eternity
A chilling wind grasp my soul as I walk through the twilight gates Choirs of grief are heard from the spirits of the ancient breed Now I know what lies beyond, now I know my fate To dwell in the fathoml
Naglfar - Of Gorgons Spawned Through Withcraft
Enter! Daughters of death, seducers from the limbonic kingdom Angels of hell, their lips speak of perdition Inhaling searing ashes of their temples burning bright False prophets and purity, succumb to t
Naglfar - Sunless Dawn
Hear the howlings in the night I'm one with it's might Enchanted by the calling cries As I gaze into the sombre skies Awaiting the shining, the fire neverseen Waiting for the darkened path which'll
Naglfar - The Eclipse Of Infernal Storms
The gate rose before him In stood there open wide A bloodstained portal of might His travel to the land unknown I awakened from this dismal dream the same as thousand times before This sight is so im
Naglfar - The Infernal Ceremony
Naglfar - Through The Midnight Spheres
Among evil gods I sleep Their ancient hymns were my dreams But the vast and cold forest beckons So I rose with the funeral moon From my coffin of blackest slone From the crypts which for aeons embrac
Naglfar - Unleash Hell
I've seen the place where they meet, I know where it lies Where ancient demons gather, where angels die... The darkest pits of the abyss, where flames burns bright Where satan reigns in terror, there's
Naglfar - Vittra
And then she came forth, the forest goddess Her crying hymns were calling for me I followed her through the eternal vast forest And so, so I found myself lost there in...
Naglfar - When Autumn Storms Come
Nightchildren bring my words Howling them through the dark The time is here for my return With the shadows I walk Twilight shrouds the earth As always when I'm here Night spreads her wings for me Th
Naglfar - Wrath Of The Fallen
Once embodied in celestial light, now torn asunder and cast aside Like the feeble prey they are, they are ravaged without compromise Behold the signs of their defeat, angels slaughtered and left to bleed


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