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Naer Mataron - AstroThetisCosmos
On a chariot with wings I move on and observe Distant visitors, bright meteorites Indefinite pleasures, pure tranquility Blessed with excess, hallowed to create. Alchemy, ancient knowledge Magnetized
Naer Mataron - Diastric Fields Of War
Polemos!!! A man hides, changes names... . and He attacks Bright, strong:cuts through the dark In black holes, in distant dimensions He invades For the dark night, for Unique moments. The dawn breaks
Naer Mataron - Hyperion
Defused light, expressed in discrimination of hours And the harmony of the seasons... ...You are the one Who brings, yet destroys, the dark mist! One temporary Spring meets the rain and snow And death
Naer Mataron - Iketis
Elasipe, mastigi ligiri:tetraoron arma diokon Klithi makar Helie, Panderkes exon Aeonion oma ! Bright rays of enlightened knowledge Cross the kingdom of Rhodos to the right side of Zeus World master Ik
Naer Mataron - In Honor Of The Wolf
Hellas! Fire at Hesperus is burning And the blade cuts deep the flesh Where the fools command the land Fire at the land of Ira. Ancient Prophecy sees the light Demonic, Hellenic Pure cult The warrio
Naer Mataron - Winterwar Memorial
I can see the winds, I can breath the chilling cold! I can touch the spectral colours of the night: The sun of Storms I am, the black night from yester worlds The flame of war desire burns inside my sou
Naer Mataron - Wolf Of Ions
The sun drops to the Aegean sea On its rose edge (it) still keeps on, a hint of light The sword of east that was drowned In the voracious sea of Ions A demon of the sea, half human and half fish The o


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