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Nada Surf - 80 Windows
Clusters of people talking secretly to each other. In a bar you cannot talk openly to anyone you don't already know. 4 year olds, they have got the right idea: they jump the line and hit it on the nose.
Nada Surf - Amateur
You made me feel like I抦 ok, I could be happy Now I can sit, not run away stupidly laughing Wipe out all self-pity, it's slowing me down Turn off feeling pretty, dressing up dressing down. I walk ar
Nada Surf - Bacardi
When you walk home from the party Drunk on bacardi and listening To the voices that lie to you nightly, Make you frightened of everyone, Make you sorry for something. You go home and spend your life a
Nada Surf - Bad Best Friend
I only wanna say things that are pure: now I won't be talking anymore. I only wanna do things that are true. Every time I move I抦 hurting you. I wanna know what is it that you do To keep from hurting
Nada Surf - Blonde On Blonde
cats and dogs are coming down 14th street is gonna drown everyone else rushing round i’ve got blonde on blonde on my portable stereo it’s a lullabye from a giant golden radio iâ€
Nada Surf - Deeper Well
If I fell Down a big hole Would you tell How do you know It's a deepening well Like the big o I know, I know It's a bad scene to be whole It's a bad dream I hope Marie Marie To feel, to feel The
Nada Surf - Disposession
My coat, leave behind my coat and my belt, Leave behind my coat and all that, I don't want it back... It's called undertown and it's over that way. Some people leave in the morning, Some people when
Nada Surf - Firecracker
This time, the win is mine. My perfect life. Room spin, don't know how to stop, don't know how to start. Firecracker, the one you keep inside. Firecracker, you don't know how to light. So sink in th
Nada Surf - Fruit Fly
left some food wrapped up in a plastic bag on the kitchen table way too long i sat down to eat next to the bag i was too tired to throw it out i saw a swarm of fruit flies i took the bag downstai
Nada Surf - Happy Kid
i’m just a happy kid stuck with the heart of a sad punk drowning in my id always searching like it’s on junk no matter who i hang out with i can hear the clack clunk of the chains that
Nada Surf - HiSpeed Soul
do you ever feel like you just landed on this earth? see the creatures all do their dances back and forth you get restless and then you join them on the floor suddenly it’s tomorrow itâ€
Nada Surf - Icebox
Stay until You're sure that i'm asleep Warm safe and very still Give all my things away Just wait until tomorrow Bury me in sorrow Cover me in joy Every afternoon i wasted being mad at You The thin
Nada Surf - Inside Of Love
Hi, I think it's Watching terrible tv It kills our thoughts Getting spacier than An astronaut Making out with people I hardly know a lot. I can’t believe what I do Late at night I wanna
Nada Surf - La Pour Ca
pense a moi la prochaine fois que tu entendra la rumeur des vagues et si elles te disent que tu m’as fait que du mal, t’en fais pas j’suis la pour ca la mer connait pas le fil du
Nada Surf - Paper Boats
sit on a train, reading a book same damn planet every time i look try to relax and slow my heartbeat only works when i’m dead asleep been thinking and drinking all over the town must be gearing
Nada Surf - Popular
Three important rules for breaking up Don't put off breaking up when you know you want to Prolonging the situation only makes it worse Tell him honestly, simply, kindly, but firmly Don't make a big pro
Nada Surf - Psychic Caramel
Take a look at what's been done The killing wound is the thousandth cut A dead turtle on the beach puts my happiness out of reach Sea sun sand self Sea sun sand Psychic caramel dimulants they're good
Nada Surf - Robot
You're just walking round your little mazes figuring out how to get by, How to get laid and get famous, get yourself paid, impress the guys. You're taught to divide the world into buddies and wives, slu
Nada Surf - Sleep
Step in my shoes, wait 'till you see the big flash now Glued to the sheets, sleep with the sheep all month long Easy to please, hard to believe it's a tease Stuck in a rut, don't give a fuck if we're us
Nada Surf - Slow Down
You see yourself sitting on top so self assured - happy, But when your parents bail you out you somehow feel not free. You're bored to tears in school, it's not like what you thought at all. Trouble is
Nada Surf - The Plan
There's a way to drive, I see it once in a while I watch the tail-lights and memorize I won't be too scared, I won't be too tired I'm becoming hard-wired Feeling hazy, waking up inertia I'm having dre
Nada Surf - The Voices
Why do I worry, what do they think? What is she saying to them? I can't ignore anything. You're eating up my world like my every second was haunted. Were you just like this since you were a girl, cause
Nada Surf - The Way You Wear Your Head
don’t push me cause i’ll fall in love with whatever you just said don’t push me cause i’ll fall in love with the way you wear your head out in the corner you’re glow
Nada Surf - Zen Brain
I'm going from strange to stranger Every year It's going from strange to stranger Every year I take it back You're panicking I take it back I just don't know I really thought I wanted to go But wh


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