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Mortiis - (Passing By) An Old And Raped Village
Through boughs and leaves and stone on ground. I feel a presence of evil, a silent sound. An evil place once lovely and fair. Itïs gardens are grey, sad voices of despair. A village old, pillaged
Mortiis - Across The World Of Wonders
Towards the gate of stars... Again we shall travel, to conquer and kill! By sword, axe and hand...
Mortiis - An Old And Raped Village
Through boughs and leaves and stone on ground. I feel a prescence of evil, a silent sound... A village old, pillaged and raped, houses rotten or burnt... Here are signs of battles of old... Raide
Mortiis - Army Of ConquestThe Warfare (Ever Oonwards)
[lyrics not available]
Mortiis - Child Of Curiosity And The Old Man Of Knowledge
Mortiis - Everyone Leaves
I'm going back, thinking about all the changes. I'm going back to all those wasted years. I see the rise and fall of the world I lived in. This time it doesn't seem real at all. But I took the
Mortiis - Flux
I want you to descend. I want you to fall down. I want to be the end - Of everything you've ever done. The cities that I built, The forests that I grew, Got stained by your filth, And
Mortiis - Marshland
I have been here for too long. In this lonesome twisted land. Marshland... It is deep and sickening. I have to find my way back home. Marshland... The only way to find myself. Is to de
Mortiis - Monolith
Go away from me. I just want to flee. The god i used to be. Fill me no more with glee. Where am I now? Upon whom to bestow, The Secrets locked inside. The universe I hide. The Monolith is I
Mortiis - Scar Trek
We are floating - Above the mountains. Watching all the tiny people. How they waste themselves away. Obey themselves away. How willingly - They lay their love. How willingly - They sacrifice
Mortiis - Smell The Witch
It's been ten long years since I smelled the witch. I don't think she will ever go away. Do you think that's her lurking over there? In that shadow that has been cast by me? Can you smell the witch
Mortiis - Spirit In A Vacuum
Mental Maelstrom beckons me, To fall into the core. The Centre of the universe, Mocks me forevermore. Who awoke the engine when i could not its key? Who landed me upon this place, This island i
Mortiis - The Vampire Planet
In the east, where the not-living, wandering grey shapes are... Those who hate life, and sucks the life and sould out of every living mortal... There where the vampires dwell... Rules a planet, i
Mortiis - The Voice Of The Labyrinth, And
Aah... How beautifully old you are... Labyrinthine earth-world, old already as the tower rose, when the dust and stone rested heavy upon you... No sound echoed within your silent halls and long, em
Mortiis - Thoughts Of The Old Tower
Here standeth I. Mighty and unbreakable. My shadow is the darkness, of this land. All folk fear me... My windows are few... Shining with the power, of uncountable ages... Within me happen all..
Mortiis - Towards The Gate Of Stars
[lyrics not available]
Mortiis - Visjoner Av Ev Eldgammel Fremtid
[English translate: Visions Of Future Centuries Ago] Still I must live on, create my reality that was, await the death hour and depart. I can see the everlasting stars reflect themsleves when I loo
Mortiis - World Essence


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