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Midtown - A Faulty Foundation
this plan is only surface and i do not deserve this. i'm wondering if i'll withstand to stand alone and stand to scream to the world: i'm through and now i've come to mend these wounds that
Midtown - Another Boy
have you found the person that you want to spend your life with or do you want? do you want another . . . you can't proscribe affection because you're scared to live about it do you want anothe
Midtown - Easy Way Out
Easy way out You said so yourself, I always took the easy way out, but you can't see me coming down when you're jumping ship. I thought we wanted more, I guess I was wrong. You can't take
Midtown - Find Comfort In Yourself
how come everything always has its way of turning right back around again like that night that she was leaving And not believing that this time Her fears were all just doubts i'm never goin
Midtown - Fraying All The Ends
you are the last one who can recognize his friends and nothing ever changes you're always exchanging peace of mind for everything you want everything. you want it all i can see it in your eye
Midtown - In The Songs
Remember just two years ago when our bands were playing house shows were fighting for to make a change to live our lives the way we dreamed despite what they might say remember how we stru
Midtown - Just Rock N Roll
you can never tell me i shouldn't walk away its foolish to assume that ill be coming back another day you were never right and i was never wrong does truth lie in sincerity of another sullen song c
Midtown - Like A Movie
She tries to erase She tries to replace How it feels, but I... Know she can never go home She tries to erase She tries to replace How it feels, but I... Know she can never go home T
Midtown - Perfect
This time I think it could be perfect But you're pushing away I came here today with a purpose Should I try or just let it go? 'cause these things I'd like to ask you Are things I can't expl
Midtown - Recluse
i've heard advice that anger soon subsides and you go on with your life and gain new insight but inside i'm thinking that just wont suffice cause i'm sure i'd like to take it back and kill it at
Midtown - You Should Know
You should know That I would never let you go I'm here To bear the weight of years You turn away What else is left for me to say You'll think what you want It's like we're once again at the


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