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Marc Cohn - Baby King
Baby King Baby King You got to get ready for a baby king You might dance daddy You might sing But you never seen nothin' like a baby king It was a bright and sunny summer morn and she said
Marc Cohn - Dig Down Deep
Baby let's go below the surface See what we can find There's no reason to be nervous 'Cause it happens all the time I don't want to go up to the mountain I don't need to go down to the sea
Marc Cohn - Ellis Island
I was driving down Ninth Avenue As the sky was getting dark Didn't have nothin' else to do So I kept on riding to Battery Park I stepped out in the damp and misty night As the fog was rolling in
Marc Cohn - From The Station
I can see you with the top down In that car you keep under the eaves I can see the ocean wind blow Through your hair And all along your sleeves I see you turning up the radio Listening to the D
Marc Cohn - Girl Of Mysterious Sorrow
Verse 1: I'm coming to see you, tomorrow sometimeD Gonna bring you some roses, gonna tear off the vines Gonna talk to the wind that blows through the trees Kiss you like always from down on my kn
Marc Cohn - Healing Hands
Tonight I cried the tears of a child Who knows what fear runs deep and wild Inside But the river's in flood tonight I lay down and the light streamed across my face I felt the beauty of some deep
Marc Cohn - Medicine Man
Lately he can feel it Turning off inside his heart She's calling him from the car phone And she's falling apart Now he could call in her prescription And they will take it down off the shelf
Marc Cohn - Rest For The Weary
My father was a working man But his work was never done He stood behind a counter And he smiled at everyone He bought himself a business Worked seven days a week Took a holiday for Christ
Marc Cohn - Saints Preserve Us
I could hear the shutters banging In my mother's house And the wind just kept blowing off the lake I ran down to the front door And told the ambulance man Everything's all right here Sir There
Marc Cohn - Saving The Best For Last
Got into a cab in New York City Was an Oriental man behind the wheel Started talking about heaven Like it was real Said They got mansions in heaven Yeah the angels are building one for me ri
Marc Cohn - Silver Thunderbird
Watched it coming up Winslow Down South Park Boulevard Yeah it was looking good from tail to hood Great big fins and painted steel Man it looked just like the Batmobile With my old man behin
Marc Cohn - Valley Of The Kings
Down along these hillsides Many miles ago Lived a man of vision child But little did I know He was always talking child About the heart and soul 'Til one day some pharaoh came And offered up


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