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Mad Skillz - Extra Abstract Skillz
[Extra P] We bout to bring em out We bout to bring em out A lot of niggaz in this rap world, come out, and dumb out Me, I bring the bassline and drum out Plus write scriptures, that bust bright p
Mad Skillz - From Where (Intro)
...It's not about the salary I do this so MC's think twice before they battle me Cause Lonnie B can really flow shit (say what!) This ain't no wo, thuggish ruggish, bow wow, yippie yo shit I throug
Mad Skillz - Get Your Groove On
Yo it's the weekend, time for freakin, no doubt Hit the mall, get a hookup, night falls and I'm out Pick up my man (Whattup Hobbes?) from around my block Get nice, pump the sounds, now it's time to h
Mad Skillz - Inherit The World
[Mad Skillz] Rappers came with their styles and I left with their heads Their crews became victim of the body-snatchin dread The world is now mine, the world belongs to me I carefully planned the e
Mad Skillz - Move Ya Body
On the real, I freak techniques and beats in my sleep The mack back in action show skills when I speak Watch my - leak when I bring it to your face I still corner dimes, but in the nine I'm on a pape
Mad Skillz - The Nod Factor
Verse 1 I know your tired of bouncin so check this here we got tha back breakin club shakin beat for this year peep the steelo and the flow I gotcha head noddin cuz your neck already knows
Mad Skillz - Tip Of The Tongue
[Mad Skillz] Uhh.. nine-five shizzot, in the hizzouse Uh what nigga? Tch, uhh, uhh, uhh.. Watch my style rise like ? on your eyes And battlin is hard, like retards becomin Jedi's Watch the dread
Mad Skillz - Tongues Of The Next Shit
[K] Whatch you on Kwan? [M] I'm on some next shit kid [K] Yo whatchu on Kwan? [M] Yo, I'm on some next shit kid [K] Yo whatchu on Kwan? [M] I'm on some next shit kid [K] Well blueprint a niggaz
Mad Skillz - Unseen World
[Mad Skillz] Yeah what? Time for lyrical shanks to your gut Death to wack MC's First up is my nigga Lonnie B [Lonnie B] First up to make it liver, I catch wreck like drunk drivers Been throug


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