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Mad At Gravity - Burn
These embers burn down low And with my face aglow You are all I know Set this place on fire Watch the flames rise higher As they reach the ceiling At your feet I'm kneeling Drawing ever near
Mad At Gravity - Coalescence
No Words
Mad At Gravity - Find The Words
If I told you That the crowd was all ears, Could you find the words to say? If I told you You could take home the prize, Would you know the game to play? Would you laugh or would you fall
Mad At Gravity - Historypeats
All I know is fading Anxiously awaiting Furtively frustrating Endlessly parading down All I feel is falling Clutching sky but stalling When the past comes calling Will it seem appalling now?
Mad At Gravity - In Vain
Minds (It's cold outside) Will go unbroken (Close the door) Thoughts (Once complete) Will fade away (Never more) I'm reaching to find The words to define The meaning entwined In e
Mad At Gravity - Kerosene
Excuse my ignorance, But isn't this what men strive lifetimes for? The price is high, but consequence Of spinelessness will cost much more Kerosene... Carry me... If my faith gives way I hav
Mad At Gravity - Primer
No words.
Mad At Gravity - Run For Cover
Yesterday's Cathedrals Bleed to the malls of today Each prick with A needle Carries the sacred away The structure That feeds us Now comes with a concession tray Time spent spendin
Mad At Gravity - Say It
For all the times that I apologized With humbled head and weeping sighs I find the times I tried to hold the lie With sweaty palms and knuckles white I need you to say it. Say it. I need you to s
Mad At Gravity - This Collision
Just move along There's nothing to see here Just flashing lights that simmer In pools that catch their crimson As the spectacle unfolds On tiptoes, bells, and whispers This collision's reality
Mad At Gravity - Time And Time Again
You cannot hide Your pedigree Don't call me cynical. I can't provide A guarantee Don't call me cynical. Time and time again I'm finding a better defense The crime I charge against Reminds
Mad At Gravity - Undefined
We soldier on Through hell's high water This war's a losing fight The past is gone The future further Retreating out of sight And after the fire has died Will the light still remain in your
Mad At Gravity - Walk Away
Find me I'm falling And fooling myself that it's flight Imperfect I plummet And ponder Pushed away on principle Walk away and I stare Would you stand me up again? Wonder if I've s


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