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Macy Gray - A Moment To Myself
I saw a rainbow just earlier today Lately those rainbows be comin' round like everyday Deep in the struggle I have found the beauty of me God is watchin and the devil finally let me be Here in this
Macy Gray - Boo
he tends to get carried away like a talk show he's got drama everyday lots of rage and mental abusing the way he treats me it's obvious he's confusing me for some dumb bitch who will stick around
Macy Gray - Caligula
Hush the neighbors hear you moanin and groanin But I just can't help it 'specially when we be bonin I can take your fears away he said it's so much better when you do it my way I could not believe
Macy Gray - Do Something
Like Cleopatra got the masses at my feet Gotta living dwell down on easy street And I'm the latest craze And if you stay awhile Inevitably you gonna bite my style in your later days Now let me te
Macy Gray - Every Now And Then
It’s the mood I’m in it’s how hard it’s been the ultimate sin Don’t want to commit – but I think of it every now and then. Could give love a try could give god
Macy Gray - Freak Like Me
sorry that I'm late I been searchin' for something great something to fill me up he said join the club then we made love till my body ached and baby when you have the time I wanna tell you what
Macy Gray - Happiness
All hail the higher, I’m higher every day and there is a will There is a skill a powder a pill to make me stay that way. Happiness for a day or 2, that’s my limit I’m a junkie how
Macy Gray - Harry
you must be smellin' cherries and strawberries and peaches and plums roses and dandelions special lovin' on the nite I spent with you it was the best that I've had lately but it didn't mean anyth
Macy Gray - I Try
Games, changes and fears When will they go from here When will they stop I believe that fate has brought us here And we should be together, babe But we're not I play it off, but I'm dream
Macy Gray - My Fondest Childhood Memories
When I was 10 I had a live in babysitter, she had a pet Kangaroo wore big breasts and feathers. She gave me ice Cream every time I screamed and hollered and I loved her till I Caught her sexing my f
Macy Gray - Relating To A Psychopath
hot like hot wings with hot chocolate in hell cold like in my isolation cell in the winter while kissing mr. freeze take the weather man and throw him away love is a desert and i need it to rai
Macy Gray - SexoMatic Venus Freak
Superlove is somethin that they say is very rare In the dark, in your world it's everywhere And I feel like an x x rated movie star It's the way you love me down It's the way you love me down Eve
Macy Gray - Still
In my last year with him there were bruises on my face In my dawn and new day I finally got away But my head's all messed up and he knows just what to say No more dawn and new days I'm goin bac
Macy Gray - Sweet baby
Many times I've been told that I should go but they dont know what we got baby then they not see the love in you but love i do and i'm staying right here ummm sweet sweet baby life is crazy b
Macy Gray - The Letter
I ever wanted was some love and peace and harmony I could dance in the raw in the sun underneath the stars When I walk over to my money tree ain't nobody there trying to take from me When they ask Ar
Macy Gray - Things That Made Me Change
Sure would like to see you and visit your big house in the sky. I Wish you didn’t hav eto leave us, but since you’re gone the time Sure does fly. So I don’t get too attached too much anymore, I
Macy Gray - When I See You
Verse 1: it's been three days since i screamed and hung up on ya all i wanted was to hold you tight i'm sorry baby never meant to be mean to ya and i hope you're coming back tonight you're heasit


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