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Mactatus - Another Dimension
OUT FROM another Dimension I came I saw Jesus playing with the Gods I have seen the world burning - Twice Reality - so far away The new-born son, so long awaited To speak of the Now World FIRE!
Mactatus - Bringer Of Silence
walking against time reliving decay and despair inheriting the sensitivity of absolution a leap of faith bringing forth vulnerability battle cries from tha above bringer of silence relice from the l
Mactatus - Broken Dreams Of Death
flashing memories burning into minds psychotic iam echoes of morbid thoughts it speaks to me loud and clear ican now see it in front of me medicallydestructed deperssive and sick not of this world any
Mactatus - Complexity In Vain
RIPPING YOUR Heart and Soul out Your Existence becomes a Narrow Path Madness becomes you Behold the Wicked Torch of Emptiness Travelling with Sanity A Fierce Companion Till Death does you apart
Mactatus - Concluding Act Of Violence
left man a fear of and anger despising the beauty of losing the derning context self reproach and chaos no longer walking towards clarity yet not surrendering to the guilt complex sanction from the dis
Mactatus - Dance Of Might
HOLD THE GIFT of Fire Hold the Gift of Hate Hold the Nightmares Secret An Image in your Mind of An Animal Eating you up from the Inside out Spirit of the Wolf placed inside you The Wolf Frights
Mactatus - En Trone Vevd Av Tid
[Text by Istar] [Music by Mactatus] I en regntung kveld fylt av tÃ…ke og dis Jeg sÃ… en svartkledd kvinne Hennes ord lÃœd sÃ… fagert, hennes rÃœst sÃ… fin Da hun lokket meg til sk
Mactatus - EpilogueThe Tale Of The Psychotic
An in fallible prodigy standing in veneratioan a psychotic suprem as minion righteousness wander the grand damnation long awaited pearly gates carry the burden of sinful covet glorify the servant of
Mactatus - Iron Handed
I am the Strong, I am the Powerful A shall be Reverenced among men As I Possess the Earth The unfit shall Flee before me, The Iron Handed I am the Mighty minded And I ride the Whirlwinds Serv
Mactatus - Language Of Disloyalty
As flickering nightmare grazing a druid of pai and caught in between the greatness and the end driven by prosals from darkness and mist spoken by the language of disloyalty pulling to pieces the resou
Mactatus - Measurment Of Discipline
with burning eyes a glance to darkness the countour beast is rising consolation in the figureine of discipline caught between thoughtlessness and reason wanting to fell life flow decreasing executing
Mactatus - Ornament Of Pettiness
RED FROM Blood you beg for Salvation I condescend to devour your Femininity Maudlin Whimpers Reach my Comprehension The Complextiy of Egoism Perspirate Undivine Pleasure You are the Ornament of
Mactatus - Provenance Of Cruelty
[Text by Hate Rodvitnesson] [Music by Mactatus] Oh... darkness inside me, please let me out of here I can't feel anything any more You can't hide yourself from me, I am inside you Oh god, what is
Mactatus - SACnn Av Torden
[Text by Hate Rodvitnesson] [Music by Mactatus] Jeg sÃœnn av torden som vandrer blant alver of troll Hersker over denne skog Der hvor intet menneske har satt sitt spor Der hvor trollmen og drag
Mactatus - Sleepless Souls
[Text by Tony Abrahamsen] [Music by Mactatus] I am the voice Midnight shimmering Why can't you just open your mind I'm tired of listening to the screams Which comes from inside Try to sleep n
Mactatus - Speak The Word Of The Winds
SPEAK THE WORD of the Winds Search the Path of the Screaming Empty Expressions of Sorrow Detesting your own Sanity Devotion, a Quest for Rationality Redemption, a Pale Slave of Laughter The Vul
Mactatus - The Passage (To The Kingdom Of No Return)
COME TO ME, I've got your soul Walk to the Gate of Emptiness Search and you will find To the Land of Sorrow The Passage to the Kingdom of no Return The Wintermoon is clear, The Voices are so st
Mactatus - To Distance Death From Life
one chooses the fade towards death with honour or vanity the essence comes from with in and beholds the distinction let after decades of disintegration blackness a frail foundation build upon an endin
Mactatus - With Excellence
Dark Wisdom Profound A Neverending Maze of Disillusion Your Excellence is passed down to you By Thy Elders With Excellence : Attack! Conquer the Darkest Void The Prologue of Hell As your Fort


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