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Mack 10 - 1 Crew In The Area
[Mack 10] Hoo-Bangers (WASSUP!!!) Y'all ready? (FO' SHO'!!!!) Well let's do this shit I'ma start this bitch off, and y'all run it, check it, uhh On your marks, get set, go for what you know
Mack 10 - Backyard Boogie
Yeah, yeah, yeah Verse One: Saturday morning at the crack of sunrise Thank the man upstairs for lettin me open my eyes It's a whole new game for me like T-Lee It's nine-seven now and I'ma stay su
Mack 10 - Based On A True Story
Newscaster: In the news tonight rap star Mack 10 releases his second solo album titled Based On A True Story, and according to reliable sources Ha, he laughs in the face of the sophomore jinx. After th
Mack 10 - Chicken Hawk
[Mack 10] Quielty I stalk niggas call me the Chicken Hawk Approach with my gun in a 2 one one As I sickum lay my victum may I lickum All action stop nobody move no pop As I reck shop red alert m
Mack 10 - Chicken Hawk II
Talking: The record you about to hear is basically true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. (You a cold nigga) Some breathe gangsta shit, we dream of gangsta shit (Repeat) Verse 1
Mack 10 - Connected For Life
Artist: Mack 10 Album: Bang or Ball Title: Connected For Life feat. Ice Cube, W.C., Butch Cassidy [Verse 1: Mack 10] I jumped out the blocks like ready! set! go! Check all my traps and
Mack 10 - Dog About It
[B.G.] Look here my nigga; it's for your own motherfuckin' good You wanna keep your bling, stay out my neck of the woods If you a stranger caught anywhere in my hood How you get left, the only thin
Mack 10 - Gangster Poem
Squeak Ru: You know sometimes life is a trip it can make you do mysterious thangs. And sometimes life is a bitch how do you deal with the pain? Niggas rather smile in my face stick a knife in m
Mack 10 - Get Yo Ride On
Mack 10: Do some shit with my niggas from the CPT, ha ha You ready Eiht? MC Eiht: Yeah, c'mon Verse 1: Mack 10 I was born to ride, bangin, pack heat got turned out early by them sc
Mack 10 - H O E K
Intro: [Ice Cube] Oh Shake your ass K-Dee bayby He's hard on his hoez [K-Dee] This is H.O.E.Killa all day (thrilla) Pussy thrilla come in smootha than a miller Genuine draft ben you in half
Mack 10 - Let tha thugs in
{Lil' Wayne Squed up, squed up, fuck that nigga at the do' Squed up, squed up, fuck that nigga at the back Squed up, squed up, fuck y'all {Lil' Wayne Listen Now when we slide up in the club, we com
Mack 10 - Made Niggaz
[Master P] (Mack 10) Third ward, New Orleans. To Inglewood. To the motherfuckin world, nigga. Mack Dime. (What's up my nigga?) Mystikal, and Master P. (They know, P, they know, they know.) [Hoo
Mack 10 - No Dk At All
[Verse 1: Mack 10] I'd be like damn! This shit is unbelievable (What?!) Now a days - ah nigga can't even bust a hoe Just like this one broad I seen her on my show (Uh-huh!) The bitch called herself
Mack 10 - On Them Thangs
When in the streets I keep my heat on my seat, no doubt about it It's my Afrikan express I don't leave home without it Summertime just ain't known for the weather It's hot cause niggas bring out shi
Mack 10 - The Letter
Intro: (*Man, have you heard this stuff? This gangsta rap? It's fuckin bullshit. They're just talkin about dealin drugs and, beatin on people and shit, carryin guns to the studio. It's fucked
Mack 10 - Westside Slaughterhouse
(Mack 10) Microphone check I.O. from the west coast beller and tella I cuss like a sella when you see her shes a gonna Moved to California blew the bitch up put the gangsta twist on Her sunny south


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