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Machine Head - A Nation On Fire
Well I see, I feel On my way You close your eyes, scared to think You might see A world that spends more to kill than to cure Living, writhing, diseased, so unpure It hardens me, the things I s
Machine Head - A Thousand Lies
What is a man that stays true to the game But has to cheat a little to get by Well that's a person that I know too well Don't want to know but I don't have to ask why Everyone like a loaded gun Y
Machine Head - All Fall Down
Anticipating, salivating, intoxicating How I've been waiting To gently soak in Your dream that's broken Caress my hands Around your throat When I choke the last gasp of air out of you I'll me
Machine Head - All In Your Head
You tell me, I've been walking on a railing Been excelling at failing That I think wrong, I don't belong I don't fit, I don't give a shit Take my guitar and microphone, pour out my fuckin' soul I
Machine Head - American High
I was that kid sittin' over in the corner, smiling with a shit-eating grin And I was that kid smilin' in the back of class 'cause I'm fryin' on mescaline I was that kid drinkin' 40's on th
Machine Head - Blank Generation
They say we been going down and going down Been traveling on the road to nowhere Going down, round and round Trying to get to the place where we started When I was just a boy at four ye
Machine Head - Death Church
Well I look at justice in a different light I been to jail, it didn't make me right Try and conform but won't be deaf blind dumb Been beaten down, just harder I've become Death church rising Hate
Machine Head - Desire To Fire
We turn desire to fire Electric sparks to the wire Highered the stakes when we bought This monster life Prevail by daring to fail Others content just to sail Hail the future we bring We brin
Machine Head - Enter The Phoenix
Machine Head - Five
I remember, it was the month october In a garage, i was standing scared and sober I could smell your breathing, and the pain your leaving So ashamed, i feel it And now i am left to fate For all t
Machine Head - Message In A Bottle
Just a castaway An island lost at sea Another lonely day With no one here but me More loneliness Than any man could bear Rescue me before I fall into despair I'll send an SOS to the world I
Machine Head - Only The Names
Welcome in my friend Out of the cold where it's warm Please step in What's your name my friend My name's the same What a strange coincidence Glad you're come to this place What's the pleasure
Machine Head - Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies
Machine Head - Silver
Yes i hold some keys of gold With cigarettes and silver bullets Angels cry and devils lie The world is our stage Look inside and try and find The part of me that's whole I wish I knew But I
Machine Head - The Rage To Overcome
This world does not want me This world does not care And I'm a product of this world Confused. I'd say that's fair This pain will never leave me It's scarred upon my brain Destroying everything


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