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Mac - Battle Cry (Tomorrow)
Dedicated to all the soldiers we lost in the struggle Probably losin' the World War three niggas Rest In Peace [Chorus-Mac & singer] See I'm beneath the sun, right? (Tomorrow) Anticipatin' just
Mac - Be All You Can Be
[Silkk] [Fiend] Yo, it's ya boy Silkk. Hey, hey. (?) Know what I'm sayin? I got Fiend and Mac in here. These soldiers, warriors Know what I'm sayin? And survivo
Mac - Beef
Intro: What them niggas in here wanted to know They done made beef with one of the realest niggas rollin Now it's time to go Verse 1: Now pump me up so all them real niggaz can feel me I told y
Mac - Best Friends
[Chorus] You was my nigga now we beefin' I'm bustin' at you, you bustin' at me And it won't stop til' we both sleepin' (2x) [First Verse] We was claimin' the same hood fucked the same bitches A
Mac - Bloody
Chorus: [Mac/(Magic)] Niggas really wanna die tonight You know you fucking with a rider right We can all get bloody if you want to You gotta crew, I gotta crew, so what you wanna do ( What you w
Mac - Boss Chick
[Mac and Mia X talking] So a check this, Would you die for me? Kinda question is that? just asking a question, Would you die for me? Yeah nigga [Mac] Aight I got a boss bitch and that's why
Mac - Can I Ball
[Mac] Say Slim, look. [Soulja Slim] What's happenin wootay. [Mac] We goin take this here all the way from the Magnolia across Clayborne. [Soulja Slim] Do it like that. [Mac] Ya heard
Mac - Can U Love Me (Eyes Of A Killer)
Hook Tell me why, Somethings make it hard to smile, momma tell me can you love a child, I got the eyes of a killer (x2) So what you mean when you 14 and your life is a bitch. That'll only fuc
Mac - Cops And Robbers
* first two verses are off B.G.'s Niggaz 'N Trouble Yeah, spinning been on these niggas. It's World War. Yeah, I send this out to my nigga. Wherever you are. We still ain't nothin but some niggas
Mac - Lockdown (Remix)
Mac talking: I'ma send this out to my nigga Soulja Slim my nigga Cold Jack, my nigga Curve my nigga Ween just touched down Verse 1 I was on my way upstate, for felonies, Mac would never see Th
Mac - Memories
C-Murder talking: I know the whole world is full of a bunch thug niggas and thug figures The whole world is based upon young niggas coming up in the ghetto, in the streets You now what I'm sa
Mac - Money Gets
[Master P--Talking] Yo Mac nigga The only reason I'm telling you this nigga Cuz I care 'bout you nigga I wanna see you ball til' you fall nigga, but you know what You know what come with muthafuc
Mac - Murder, Murder, Kill, Kill
4x: Mmm Mmmmmm [Mac] Soldier rag on my eye, soldier fit on my frame I scream, Whoa when I come through makin that MAC-11 sang If I'm dyin bad, don't tell my folks, I wasn't no joke when I blasted
Mac - Nobody Make A Sound
[2-4-1 talking] Alright, we got Mac, Magic, Fiend And fa sho we got 2-4-1 up in this bitch You know what I'm saying? And if any of you motherfuckers move Y'all gon get your fuckin heads blown of
Mac - Paranoid
[mac, SILKK] -who the fuck is this? -IT'S KINDA PARANOID MAC -SHEIT, I BE SEEIN' SHIT -who that is? -THAT AIN'T EVEN THERE [Mac] The shots rang out I went to the closet to get the thang o
Mac - Slow Ya Roll
[Mac] Send this out to my nigga Mike King and All the 22nd gangsters in Columbus Ohio From a O-G to a B-GEE Slow your roll niggas Shell shocked Check it [O'Dell] 15 with the triple beam, wo
Mac - Soldier Party
[Master P] (Mac) Ughhhh! Oh yeah nigga. Representin fool. No Limit for life, fool. Them niggas think it's a game, Mac? (Soldier rags on in the bitch, ya heard me?) Don't play no games, fool.
Mac - Tank Dawgz
[Chorus] Tank dawg niggas Be a tank dawg, we dem tank dawg niggas Be a tank dawg, we dem tank dawg niggas Be a tank dawg, we dem tank dawg niggas Be a tank dawg, we dem tank dawg niggas Be a ta
Mac - We Deadly
[Skull Duggery] We deadly We deadly, ahh We deadly, ahh We deadly, ahh We deadly, ahh We deadly, ahh We deadly, ahh [Mac] My rap style is kill kill, never forget that See the wig, you s
Mac - Wooo
[Mac] No Limit black sheep, played the back seat for months Stayed away from the Tanqueray, bitches and blunts Still Mac nigga, ain't nothin changed Got the rings and the gold chains Now bitches
Mac - You Never Know
Verse 1: Mia X You better think before you call Tyrone Can you trust him Is he real Does he look you in the eyes and make you feel what he's saying Shit I ain't playing My ??? in knots Remem


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