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Lord - Calling From The Deepest Darkness
[music: Damien Lempiere, Catherine Lempiere, lyrics: Catherine Lempiere] Under the thunderstorm, under the lighting The white wolf is roaring to death Like sign of evil, gudied by lust and blood He's w
Lord - Gates To The Blazing Kingdom
[music: Damien Lempiere, Catherine Lempiere, lyrics: Catherine Lempiere] Touch me three times with your magic wand I will tell you the tale, my lord: The one about the apocalypse No more sun, no more d
Lord - Intro
Lord - Live To Fight, Fight To Die
[music and lyrics: Catherine Lempiere] As we raise our swords to the sky We destroy, we defy Fight to die As we rise our swords to the sky Vengeance is our life, live to die Endless battles, we give
Lord - Shadows Of Massacre
[music: Damien Lempiere, Catherine Lempiere, lyrics: Catherine Lempiere] The fire is up the hill The winds of destruction give you the eternal power Warrior, evil and hate, pierce the heart of ypur enem
Lord - Under The Spell Of The Diabolical Sorcerer
[music: Catherine Lempiere, Damien Lempiere, lyrics: Catherine Lempiere] Diabolical sorcerer, open the grave Diabolical sorcerer, draw the magic circle Diabolical sorcerer, unearth the dead Ravens clou
Lord - When Funeral Pyres Ablaze The Black Moon Sky
[music: Catherine Lempiere, David Coeuret, lyrics: Damien Lempiere] I've crossed a pact with Satan When funeral pyres ablaze the black moon sky Seven newborn children I've to kill Seven chalices with b


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