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Labrat - Clint Eastwood Is Very Hard, Innit
I am an asexual god The self breeding mother of hate Or maybe that's just how I feel I reflect what I receive every day In my world so full of lies I reflect the pain I suffer every time I spit out y
Labrat - Diary Of A Piss Drinker
Left alone - with fingers bleeding Try to claw - something worth keeping On my knees - and bleeding And you just don't give a fuck A new betrayal - fucked hard again Stripped to bone - by one more set
Labrat - Father Son And Holy Goat
Question myself till I bleed Will I live to spoil another day The answers lost in mud I won't if it goes on this way And what if you discovered that I could not give a fuck Would you crumble, start t
Labrat - Instant Karma
Down on your knees you cry for help Unleashed the rage, no reprieve What you've done is coming back around Instant karma, appropriate I believe Laugh out loud I beat you harder Both hands broken you c
Labrat - Merrick Sympathiser
It starts right now Stake my claim for the throne of incompetence Come last at everything - every time I have failed at all I have attempted Childhood goals tipped and up-ended And you just look at me
Labrat - Phuelled By Farmiceuticals
You cannot touch me Will never feel me I'll lock myself in a shell of shame So you can never know me Been bitten by your type before Opened up and let you into me Paint myself a new way just for you
Labrat - Rest Among The Silt
When it's dark and I'm alone I cry for peace but they won't go. And this is killing me but I can never let you know It's more than I can take, I sink - I drown - I cannot float And they keep pushing me
Labrat - Retention
I'm dazed and contused alone now feeling confused one more time I'm fucked up animosity has been struck up You were supposed to be my friends this not so good thing how it ends There is no way to make a
Labrat - Two Pigs Fucking
Esconced in turgid lakes of sweat The animals up to their necks A heaving mass of evil shit Sins that manifest themselves in sex I feel that I've been done wrong Pushed and laughed at way to long Bes


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