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La The Darkman - 4 Souls
Intro: This is how we goin' do We goin' do this right Word, word is bond Know what I'm sayin' This is LA wid the track Know what I'm sayin You know how we do Word up, yo Let Dark pass no stunting
La The Darkman - Az The World Turnz (Album Version)
[Intro: La The Darkman, (Raekwon)] Word up. La The Dark' and Chef. (True. Let's get it right.) Aiyyo. Fourth. (Let's get it right like white.) Burning that ass. Sniff it up. (You know how we go, kid.
La The Darkman - City Lights
(Talking) Young wild niggaz livin street life on the edge not knowin if tomorrow they could turn up dead. Yo fuck regular cops niggaz get scoped by the Feds. The ghetto live in bloodshed (Yo), we live
La The Darkman - Element Of Surprise
[La the Darkman] Bear witness to the god, young thugs don't live long Life is a game of chess ( you play the pawn), knowledge I born Walk a righteous path, you can never go wrong Yo east New York gon ?
La The Darkman - Fifth Disciple
(Triple Darkness, Fifth Disciple, La the Darkman) [La the Darkman] Yo, yo, it's surprising, how I throw lines like Joe Theisman Franchisin, then pause for the rap Heismann My enterprisement, constantly
La The Darkman - Figaro Chain
(hit em off) Chorus [La the Darkman] We deal wit lucci, knowledge, bitches that go to college Niggas bubblin bricks, that see twenty million dollars I move wise, Chinese secret enterprise Black spies
La The Darkman - Gun Rule
Yo, yo, yo Once, once again Know what I'm saying? Chorus: Darkman stay on the street with a tool For these devil worshippers wit' gats and these ignorant fools Find yourself in the hustle rocking fr
La The Darkman - Heist Of The Century
[Killa Sin] Ski masked, the First National for a half a mill' It's real, fuck rational Your armored truck stuck like dustheads for my collateral Certified criminal, gun smugglin villain who be fillin c
La The Darkman - Love
(If you can, you walk out that door) Yeah, It's like a cycle Word up, You know women dunn? Can't live with 'em Can't live without 'em Uhh, But one thing they have to understand That knowledge is f
La The Darkman - Lucci
[Intro: La the Darkman] Gun rule. We gon' make this spicy. It's La Trapacanty right here. You know? And we gon' do it like this. Yeah. Darkman. [La the Darkman] Yo, yo, watch the Corleone give neck t
La The Darkman - Shine
[La the Darkman] Uh uh, for the niggas in black Vigors behind the wheel drinkin liquors Everybody wanna shine For the niggas rockin Tims, fuck cars and rims Yo, everybody wanna shine Yo, my dimension
La The Darkman - Street Life
*Chorus* Tekitha Street life, is the only life I know Street life, where we got no place to go Street life, where the struggle won't let you be Street life, where the drugs and thugs meet Verse 1: Yo
La The Darkman - What Thugs Do
[Intro: La the Darkman, (DJ Rogers & Puff)] Yeah. Yeah. One. Two. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. (Oh) Time for another cat get his money. Ya'nah'mean? Let's just stroll alone. (Havin money, havin money) Word life
La The Darkman - WuBlood Kin
Chorus: Ghostface Young Gods when you killed them guns you kill sons Can't get into the pen for murder one I rather be rich, lay back and spark that shit Killed now son of being hit by a bullet Verse


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