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L7 - (Right On) Thru
Well I hate the rain when I drive Right on thru Cause the windows are broken on my 455 Right on thru It don't rain much but when it do That dirty old rain comes right on thru Right on thru Through t
L7 - Andres
Down in North Hollywood There's a guy with long hair He's really, really nice But we had a problem Andres I'm sorry The key is stuck in the lock And we need some AC It's burning up in here
L7 - Bad Things
I suppose I should say a few words here Let it all out Try to let it all out I like the sign with the blinking light I like the sign it makes me feel alright I like the lights yeah they’re soothing
L7 - Baggage
I'm lookin' old today In a very sort of jaded way Very cynical and hard Weeds all over my yard I can't remember the summer It's all a blur, yeah It's been pilin' high It's been pilin' up so g
L7 - Bite The Wax Tadpole
Bite the wax, bite the wax tadpole Bite the wax, bite the wax tadpole Bite it - tadpole Bite it - tadpole He has (hides?) a....(?) webs.. Hide the hole Hide the hole in your head, baby Bite i
L7 - Bitter Wine
I’ll drink bitter wine I’ll eat humble pie I’ll do all this For some peace I'll do all this for peace of mind Can we trust each other I'm not your keeper No farewell sister Try to have savoir
L7 - Broomstick
I've got my broomstick, baby I've got my paperback novel I'm gonna lay right here And i ain't gonna grovel What's the use of lying I won't believe you What's the use of crying It won't relieve you
L7 - Can I Run
Are these sensible shoes on my feet I wear my shades so our eyes don't meet I'm scared every fuckin' day I wear my headphones so i can't hear what you say Can i run Switch to paranoid from hav
L7 - Cool Out
Are you gonna join? Are you the half that's gonna swallow the gun? Exactly where do you stand You seem to have trouble being human You've got a habit of starting a fight You wanna punch out somebody's
L7 - Crackpot Baby
Crackpot baby at a quarter to three Remind me, advise me to, Remind me to, ignore you Crackpot baby, with the resume on Crackpot baby, quarter to three God no, another theory Gakked out-strategy Two
L7 - Deathwish
She wakes up wet in a shower stall Sewn together, bangs her head on a wall She goes hitchhiking at 3 a.m. Bruised and bloody, does it over again She's got a deathwish In a self-destructive blitz He
L7 - Drama
Wah wah one and one is two We got a drama I’m watching TV and I don’t need you Bring on the drama I’ll tell you something and you know it’s true You’re full of drama My piss is yellow and t
L7 - Everglade
Glade told her ma, Home scene's lame I gotta go head into town, blow some steam at the rock show Sneak through the back door and head for the pit Then some drunk, stupid loser started giving her shit R
L7 - Me, Myself, And I
Me myself and I Will never be lonely As long as I Stick together Like glue Without you I lie here on the couch Thinking about potatoes and me And I realize Destined to be French fries Me myself
L7 - Moonshine
I took a walk in the park It was scary and dark I looked up at the moon And I wasn't afraid I wasn't afraid She's so bright tonight Shining through the trees She's glowing on you Take a walk with m
L7 - Ms 45
She's got a gun Just make her day Don't fuck with her She'll blow you away She walks the streets at night And they think she is a whore She's gotta deal with you She's gonna even out the score ms.
L7 - NonExistent Patricia
Non-existent Patricia Room 426 Non-existent Patricia Does not exist Non-existent Patricia Melts into the walls Was she at the party? No one can recall Non-existent Patricia Did Patricia say someth
L7 - She Has Eyes
I am sick of her attacks Can't help but i've fallen back I believe in what she says I rent space in her head She has eyes made for crying When she can't lie to get approved Lost time and far re
L7 - Shirley
Welcome the first lady to try and qualify in an NHRA-dragster competition ~ Shirley Muldowney! Feels so real Crushing the steering wheel How many times Must we toe this line Halting me Is a fan
L7 - Shitlist
When i get mad And i get pissed I grab my pen And i write out a list Of all the people That won't be missed You've made my shitlist For all the ones Who bum me out Shitlist For all the ones Who
L7 - Stick To The Plan
Stick to the plan Stick to the plan, man Grasping at straws Now I'm grasping at straws You've got me grasping at straws He's a motivator He's got a wire inside A chronic masturbator With love in hi
L7 - Stuck Here Again
I'm good at feeling bad I'm even better at feeling worse Some would say life is a charm I'm convinced it is a curse Yeah yeah i'm stuck here again I've learned to make Bad situations my friend
L7 - Talk Box
Last night i had a dream It scared the shit out of me 'Cause you were dying Yeah you were dying And everyone was around And you were on the ground And everyone was around Dying, you were dyin
L7 - The Bomb
Plastic people with their plastic lives Plastic lips tell plastic lies Plastic drivers in plastic cars Plastic food from plastic jars Frustration is the fuse The flame is hate Tick tick tick
L7 - The Masses Are Asses
I still get angry I still get sad And the losers still drive me mad And I wonder If I have anything to say anymore Oh yeah I wonder if i have anything to say Except the masses are asses They're all
L7 - Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob, you're a drunken slob Daddy brought home a real winner Yeah Wake the guest, drink the tea For his holiday dinner Uncle Bob walked through the door He was built He was fucking ga-galore T


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