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Kinks - (A) Face In The Crowd
Our Star doesn't know who he is any more. Is he the starmaker, the image maker, looking for material or is he just plain boring little Norman after all? Perhaps he should accept that he is a plai
Kinks - (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
Woke up this morning, started to sneeze I had a cigarette and a cup of tea I looked in the mirror what did I see A nine stone weakling with knobbly knees I did my knees bend press ups touch my toes
Kinks - A Gallon Of Gas
I've been waiting for years to buy a brand new cadillac But now that I've got one I want to send it right back I can't afford the gas to fill my luxury limousine But even if I had the dough no one's
Kinks - A Long Way From Home
You've come a long way from the runny-nosed and scruffy kid I knew You had such good ways I can remember the little things that always made you smile They made you happy Now you think you're wiser
Kinks - Act Nice And Gentle
You don't need no fancy clothes Where'd you get them, goodness knows? Just show some civility. Act nice, act nice and gentle to me. I don't need no luxuries, As long as you are understanding, I
Kinks - Add It Up
The first time that I saw you, you were modestly waiting for a bus Now you're driving around in hired limousines And you talk so upper class. The cost is high, but it's not the only price you ultimat
Kinks - All Of My Friends Were There
My big day, it was the biggest day of my life. It was the summit of my long career, But I felt so down, and I drank too much beer, And my manager said that I should not appear. I walked out onto th
Kinks - Animal Farm
This world is big and wild and half insane Take me where real animals are playing Just a dirty old shack Where the hound dogs bark That we called our home I want to be back there Among the cats
Kinks - Animals In The Zoo
You're just an animal in the zoo Sittin' round feeling persecuted and abused You're locked up and I'm on the loose But I can't quite tell who's looking at who 'Cause I'm an animal, too But you're
Kinks - Arthur
Arthur was born just a plain simple man In a plain simple working class position Though the world was hard and its ways were set He was young and he had so much ambition All the way he was overtake
Kinks - Attitude
You go down the pub You wear make up And old dads trousers Why don't you tidy up You talk like a docker but you act like a queer You drink champagne then complain it's too dear You try so hard
Kinks - Australia
Opportunities are available in all walks of life in Australia So if you're young and if you're healthy Why not get a boat and come to Australia Australia, the chance of a lifetime Australia, you ge
Kinks - Brainwashed
You look like a real human being But you don't have a mind of your own Yeah, you can talk, you can breathe You can work, you can stitch, you can sew But you're brainwashed Yes you are, yes you ar
Kinks - Completely
Kinks - Dancing In The Street
Calling out around the world Are you ready for a brand new beat? Summer's here and the is right For dancing in the street They'll be dancing in Chicago Down in New Orleans In New York City Al
Kinks - David Watts
Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa I am a dull and simple lad Can not tell water from champagne And I have never met the queen And I wish I could have all that he has got I wish I
Kinks - Definite Maybe
Got a letter through the post that says I don't exist. Apparently the new computer thinks I won't be missed. We need more facts, perhaps you would find out and forward them. There's no proof or trace
Kinks - Demolition
(Sung by Flash and his Cronies in their Den) I spy with my little eye Anything here that I can buy. I see a little thatched cottage Looking so neat With compulsory purchase we can buy it up cheap
Kinks - Destroyer
Met a girl called Lola and I took her back to my place Feelin' guilty, feelin' scared, hidden cameras everywhere Stop! Hold on. Stay in control Girl, I want you here with me But I'm really not as c
Kinks - Give The People What They Want
Hey, hey, hey... Give the people what they want Well, it's been said before, the world is a stage A different performance with every age. Open the history book to any old page Bring on the lions
Kinks - Going Solo
She left a message after the tone, I hear it over and over on the answer phone. No one can find her, address unknown. She just decided to go out and make it alone. Solo, solo, My little child is
Kinks - Got My Feet On The Ground
I wanna lot out of life, but I know my limitations Guess I want a lot of things and got my inclinations Got my feet on the ground, and I'm standing on my own I don't need no one I don't need no one
Kinks - Helga
Kinks - How Are You
It's been a while, I haven't seen you for at least A year or more, or is it less? I can't be sure Well, anyway, you must have heard about the Troubles that I had, but somehow I got through I always
Kinks - I Took My Baby Home
Well I took my baby home She said don't you leave me alone She kissed me on the cheek and I moaned I said I wo-wo-wo-wo-won't Well, she said, baby I know what's best She said I could do with a re
Kinks - Introduction To Solution
Sung by The Tramp: While the rich get their kicks with their affluent antics Mr. Black sits and ponders their fate. He just sits in the gloom of his dimly-lit room Waiting for them to swallow the b
Kinks - Last Of The SteamPowered Trains
Like the last of the good ol' puffer trains, I'm the last of the blood and sweat brigade, And I don't know where I'm going, or why I came. I'm the last of the good old fashioned steam-powered trains.
Kinks - Little Miss Queen Of Darkness
Well I met her accidentally, In a little discotheque. And she acted oh so friendly To every fella that she met. And her hair was hanging down, Like a bright and silver machine[?]. Little Miss Q
Kinks - Living On A Thin Line
All the stories have been told Of kings and days of old, But there's no England now. All the wars that were won and lost Somehow don't seem to matter very much anymore. All the lies we were told,
Kinks - Lola
I met her in a club down in old Soho Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry-cola [LP version: Coca-Cola] C-O-L-A cola She walked up to me and she asked me to dance I asked her h
Kinks - Mister Songbird
Won't you sing me a song or two, Won't take you long to just sing to me please, Won't you whistle a tune. I got nothing to gain, I got nothing to lose, But if you sing me a song, You'll make me h
Kinks - Misty Water
By the town of Straight and Narrow, There's a dark and misty place. Everything is hazy, So the people are afraid. All except Maria's daughters, Who believe in misty ways. Everything is lovely,
Kinks - Money Talks
Scene: Into Flash's den - a night club Scene: In Flash's den, a night club partly converted into an office. Sung by Flash, Floosies and Spivs: Show me a man who says he can live without bread And I
Kinks - Monica
Under a lamp light Monica stands at midnight, And every guy think he can buy her love, But money can't buy sweet lovin' from Monica. Morning to moonshine, Monica knows every line. Don't ever pr
Kinks - Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
It was the biggest house in the neighborhood. He went and bought this house when he made good. Ten bedrooms and a swimming pool, Where he entertained all the people that he knew. But he hit the har
Kinks - Muswell Hillbilly
Well I said goodbye to Rosie Rooke this morning, I'm gonna miss her bloodshot alcoholic eyes, She wore her Sunday hat so she'd impress me, I'm gonna carry her memory 'til the day I die. They'll mov
Kinks - Nine To Five
The Star is in Norman's office. His day of sweat and toil has begun. Nine To Five Answering phones and dictating letters Making decisions that affect no one. Stuck in the office from nine until f
Kinks - Nothing To Say
Remember walking with you by my side You were my Papa and I was your pride Now I've got children and I'm going grey No time for talking I got nothin' to say Those Sunday dinners that we had at home
Kinks - On The Outside
You stay at home, All on your own with nothing but walls to talk to. You never go anywhere, You say you've nothing to wear, So you keep all your troubles inside of you. There's something hidden i
Kinks - One Of The Survivors
(Sung by Johnny Thunder and Chorus) See Johnny Thunder sitting on his motorbike Riding along the highway, Rock and Roll songs from the nineteen-fifties Buzzing around in his brain. Johnny Thunder
Kinks - Phenomenal Cat
A long, long time ago, In the land of idiot boys, There live a cat, a phenomenal cat, Who loved to wallow all day. No one bothered him As he sat, content in his tree. He just lived to eat 'caus
Kinks - Picture Book
Picture yourself when you're getting old, Sat by the fireside a-pondering on[?]. Picture book, pictures of your mama, taken by your papa a long time ago. Picture book, of people with each other, to p
Kinks - Plastic Man
A man lives at the corner of the street, And his neighbors think he's helpful and he's sweet, 'Cause he never swears and he always shakes you by the hand, But no one knows he really is a plastic man.
Kinks - Powerman
I know a man, he's a powerful man He's got the people in his power In the palm of his hand. He started at the bottom and he worked his way up Now he's never going to stop Until he reaches the top
Kinks - Preservation
Once upon a time In a faraway land Lived a villain called Flash He was such a wicked man He terrorized the people He broke arms and crushed hands He ruled with a fist and he purchased all the l
Kinks - Rosemary Rose
Rosemary Rose, Nature sure gave you such a beautiful nose. 'Though you're not beautiful as someone would know, That Rosemary Rose, Has eyes of blue, And someone is treasuring a picture of you,
Kinks - Schooldays
If ever you think about the happiest days of your life Cast back your mind for a while And remember the time when you were a child. Don't think of things that make you sad, Just remember all the go
Kinks - Scrapheap City
Sung by: Belle and The Floosies (as Flash's empire is being dismantled piece by piece) There ain't no beauty And there ain't no style, There's no quality And there's no purity. Honour's dead an
Kinks - See My Friends
See my friends, See my friends, Layin' 'cross the river, See my friends, See my friends, Layin' 'cross the river, She is gone, She is gone and now there's no one left 'Cept my friends, La
Kinks - Situation Vacant
Suzy and Johnny were happy Earned enough to pay the rent But Johnny's mother-in-law had too much ambition And this made Johnny very upset So to keep his little mama satisfied He went and bought t
Kinks - Sleepwalker
Ev'rybody got problems, buddy. I got mine. When midnight comes around, I start to lose my mind. When the sun puts out the light, I join the creatures of the night, Oh yeah. I'm a sleepwalker. I
Kinks - Stop Your Sobbing
It is time for you to stop all of your sobbing Yes it's time for you to stop all of your sobbing There's one thing that you gotta do To make me still want you Gotta stop sobbing now Yeah, stop it
Kinks - The Moneygoround
Robert owes half to Grenville Who in turn gave half to Larry Who adored my instrumentals And so he gave half to a foreign publisher She took half the money that was earned in some far distant land
Kinks - The Poseur
The Poseur's in town The Poseur's around Hey, it don't bother me, But there's a guy eyein' you He's watched you all night and he's looked you all over He got his eye on you But don't act like y
Kinks - The World Keeps Going Round
You worry 'bout the sun What's the use of worrying 'bout the big ol' sun You worry 'bout the rain The rain keeps falling just the same You worry when the one you need has found somebody new But t
Kinks - There Is No Life Without Love
Truly, oh truly, There is nothing in this life without your love This is a story of my true love, There is no life without love, Truly, oh truly, There is nothing in this life without your love
Kinks - Things Are Getting Better
Well I worked for a week and I got no pay. (Things getting better.) Well my baby's coming back home to stay (Things getting better.) Well she's coming back home, but I haven't got a dime (Things
Kinks - Till Death Do Us Part
What can I do? How can I show you, And let you see, That I am someone, That you want me to be. I'm only me, Not someone better, Not someone good. I'd be a soldier, That's if I only could.
Kinks - Too Hot
Everybody's working out at the gymnasium, Pumping iron, getting fit, ready to compete. Everybody working on their own body heat. Everybody hustling out on the street. Julian is out there looking at
Kinks - Uncle Son
He was just a workin' man, Simple rules and simple plans, Fancy words he didn't understand, He loved with his heart, He worked with his hands. Liberals dream of equal rights, Conservatives live
Kinks - Wait Till The Summer Comes Along
I've been cryin' all the Winter. I've been waiting for some good to come my way, But I'll wait till the Summer comes along. Dear Lord, have I done so much wrong. How can I go on, Wondering what I
Kinks - When A Solution Comes
Sung by Mr. Black in an attic somewhere in suburbia When a solution comes, It's gonna breathe right down on everyone. When a solution comes It's gonna cover up the clouds And eclipse the sun An
Kinks - When You Were A Child
We are born to this fantasy Can't believe what they've done to you Hard to see all these years go round Taught to hide all that's true inside What was it like When you were a child? Did you see
Kinks - Where Are They Now
(Sung by The Tramp) I'll sing a song about some people you might know They made front pages in the news not long ago But now they're just part of a crowd And I wonder where they all are now. Wher
Kinks - Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Well, lived my life and never stopped to worry 'bout a thing Opened up and shouted out and never tried to sing Wondering if I'd done wrong Will this depression last for long? Won't you tell me Wh
Kinks - Willesden Green
Well I tried to settle down Fulham Broadway And I tried to make my home in Golders Green But I gotta get that train And go back home again Oh how I miss the folks back home in Willesden Green You
Kinks - Yo
There are many different people, Livin' double lives. One for the office, And one that they take home to their wives. He sits in the armchair, watching channel 4, With his brains not expected hom
Kinks - You Really Got Me
Girl, you really got me goin' You got me so I don't know what I'm doin' Yeah, you really got me now You got me so I can't sleep at night Yeah, you really got me now You got me so I don't know wha


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