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Kevin Ayers - Blaming It All On Love
I guess I'm feeling old today I can't get in the mood to play, oh no. Feeling low. And things have got to change, oh, yeah 'Cause there's no point and there's no use In that tired old excuse Of bl
Kevin Ayers - Butterfly Dance
Everything you do is true as long as you believe it And everything you say is play and that’s how you should treat it And everyone is high until there's something makes them low That's when you shou
Kevin Ayers - Caribbean Moon
A rum-lime honey sing a magical tune Found her underneath the Caribbean Moon Wind is blowin' in the coconut tree Blowin' the moonlight over you and me Hey Caribbean moon yellow yellow Caribbean m
Kevin Ayers - City Waltz
Living in the city seems To fill me with trepidation Fills me with trepidation inside Too much big business And too little celebration Too little celebration indeed So let’s raise our voices And s
Kevin Ayers - Clarence In Wonderland
Sitting on the beach like Clarence in Wonderland I had a dream and I know you will understand Riding up the beach, it only took a moment Along came a lady looking for amusement She came up to me an
Kevin Ayers - Colores Para Dolores
White is the colour of night When there's nobody there, And you sit in your chair, Getting drunk on despair. Red is the colour it's said That can drive you insane With pleasure or pain... It depe
Kevin Ayers - Crazy Gift Of Time
Does the world seem good to you? Does the music get to you? Does the wisdom of your heart Show you how to play your part? All my blond and twilight dreams; All those strangled future schemes; All t
Kevin Ayers - Day By Day
Well day by day And night by night Wanna learn how to love you babe Till I get it right Yeah day by day and night by night Come on and join the dance I t goes round and round Until the things you'v
Kevin Ayers - Decadence
Watch her out there on display Dancing in her sleepy way While all her visions start to play On the icicles of our decay. Fading flowers in her hair She's suffering from wear and tear She lies in wat
Kevin Ayers - Falling In Love Again
Falling in love again, I never wanted to But what am I to do, I can't help it Love's always been my game, play it how I may I was made that way, I can't help it Girls flutter to me like moths around a
Kevin Ayers - Gemini Child
Spent an awful lot of time making tunes and making rhymes Things that other people do, yeah From this heap of words and rhyme I never really gave much time to something just for you, yeah Oh Gemini
Kevin Ayers - Hymn
Why do we waste our lives Why do we stay asleep So many confused words So many total disasters there are We all try to change the world But change has to come from ourselves So much ignored advice S
Kevin Ayers - Margaret
Margaret You're such a magical child I found that The first time you smiled And the more i get to know you The more I am amazed To find in someone Such tender loving ways And just like everybody s
Kevin Ayers - May I
I just came in off the street Looking for somewhere to eat I find a small cafe I see a girl and then I say 'May I sit and stare at you for a while? I'd like the company of your smile' You don't have
Kevin Ayers - Money Money Money
Nothing comes easy You've got to put your money down Never let your honey down, When she's on your side. You want love, they want houses, Better dig in your trousers Put your money where your mouth
Kevin Ayers - Mr Cool
Whatever happened to Mr Cool Somebody took him back to school He thought he knew but he did not Now his name is Mr Hot. Oh Mr Hot, Mr Hot don't think your through cause you're not You still don't h
Kevin Ayers - Once Upon An Ocean
Once upon an ocean We dream a ship to sail When it start leaking We had to learn to bail All that mattered it was Keeping the ship afloat But we couldn't work together We become a drunken boat
Kevin Ayers - PuisJe
J'etais perdu dans la rue fatigue et mal au cul J'ai vu un petit cafe avec une fille dedans et je lui disais 'Puis-je m'asseoir aupres de toi pour te regarder? J'aimerais la compagnie de ton soleil.
Kevin Ayers - Shouting In A Bucket Blues
Sometimes I get too drunk, I feel so goddamned low I have no place to go, no one to turn to I think about your loving arms, where I'd like to be But it's selfish as can be, and I know it And if I'm s
Kevin Ayers - Strange Song
Well, I met a traveller Never did learn his name; His eyes were bright coloured. But not both the same. He shook my hand warmly I could tell he was strong And he answered my questions By singing
Kevin Ayers - Two Goes Into Four
Two goes into four Two times no more Two will make four Blue goes into green Mostly unseen 遧ue becomes green Dreams take me so far Life is the star Trapped in my jar Go Follow the wind Op
Kevin Ayers - Whatevershebringswesing
I'm looking 'round madly for something to find That might give se a front To put something, something behind. Just bouncing this ball Up and down the hall But it's full of best wishes and suffocati
Kevin Ayers - Why Are We Sleeping
It begins with a blessing and it ends with a curse; Making life easy, by making it worse; My mask is my Master, The trumpeter weeps, But his voice is so weak As he speaks from his sleep, saying W


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