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Kenziner - Dreamer
[1] Dreams of what you said would be Dreams that died so uselessly Dreams that died, dreams that died, dreams that died...yesterday [2] How well I remember, the words you spoke Of how we'd be, f
Kenziner - Images Of The Past
[1] I call destiny, by the moon in the dark of the night I scream angerly, for a chance to plead your plight I cry remorsefully, to the stars within my sight I feel desperately, it wasn't fair nor w
Kenziner - In The Silence
[1] We awake to the sights They're hard to ignore We see the angels home As we walk through the door It seems our minds are one We shall want no more [2] We've lived through another life W
Kenziner - Into The Light
Step into the light... [1] I hear the voice call from another day I close my eyes slow, is this her home? I reach my heart out for another sign The cabdles blow out, we're all alone I've counted
Kenziner - Land Of Shadows
[1] In a ime long ago And a place no one knows It was such a different world A place of gold, diamonds and pearls [2] You were the queen Of a land no one's seen 10.000 years A lifetime wit
Kenziner - Live Forever
After the storm we rise again Though we've been in the depths of a dark world We see the light compelling us forward And once again, begin a new ending Sounds from heaven, voices of angels Or the curs
Kenziner - Race With Time
I look in the mirror to see a face I do not know I see inside the man, to his fears and beliefs Once more to start again, I'd live another way Take me from the sorrow and take me from grief I sense the
Kenziner - Seasons
[1] I didn't believe in the power of love I've never seen love at the first sight I don't know how ypu ever found me I didn't know of this old misery I soon realized the connection was there Now
Kenziner - Timescape
[1] I will follow, where the stream goes I've begged spirits, for solutions I have asked all said, times and illusion We were never meant to be [2] We've spent our lives, searching for ways Lo


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