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Kelly Price - A Friend Of Mine
1 - She was a friend of mine She left with my man She lied Cheated Took all I had She was a friend of mine She used what she knew She lied
Kelly Price - Again
Verse I Sorry I Never Meant To Hurt You You Know I Really Love You And If You Give Me One More Chance I'll Prove It To You Stop! Cuz I Don't Wanna Hear It Please Don't Say Your Same Old Speech Ano
Kelly Price - All I Want Is You
Kelly Price f/ Gerald Levert & K-Ci Haley [Kelly Price](Gerald Levert) (Hmm, oh) Oh baby, baby My love I must confess I don't know what to do (Please tell me what is wrong) You're seeing someone els
Kelly Price - As We Lay
Whoa, it's morning And we slept the night away It happened Now we can't turn back the hands of time oh, no, no Yes we've stolen this moment We forgot to face one simple fact We both belong to someone
Kelly Price - At Least (Little Things)
Oh, hmm oh yeah, hmm, hmm, hmm I'm on way back to Atlanta About to start a new life Cause I can't take it here It seems the more we fight The more the pressure I'm in this lonely house Sitting high
Kelly Price - Ave Maria
Ave Maria Gratia plena Maria, gratia plena Maria, gratia plena Ave, ave dominus Dominus tecum Benedicta tu in mulieribus Et benedictus Et benedictus fructus ventris Ventris tuae, Jesus. Ave Mari
Kelly Price - Back In The Day
Hook You Were Just A Boy And I Was Just A Girl In Love Cabangas Was A Toy And The Rubics Cube Made Life Seem Tough Truth Or Dare Was A Game All Your Crew Would Dress The Same To School Each Day I
Kelly Price - Friend Of Mine (remix)
Ron I.- yea Kelly, you there? now listen baby I got your message I'm just confused I don't understand everything but I'm on my way over there to you now you stay on the phone and tell me everything tha
Kelly Price - Girlfriend
Hook Before The House, Before The Kids Before The History And All The Years Can We Take It Back Again? Can I Be Your Girlfriend? Before The Fights, Before The Storms Before The Silence, Before This S
Kelly Price - He Proposed
Verse 1: It Was Valentines Day February The 14Th My Baby Took Me To A Special Place Said He Had A Surprise For Me He Told Me To Close My Eyes So That I Could Not See And When I Opened Them Up He Was
Kelly Price - Her
Baby, I've been watching from a distance And everything it rings familiarly, Mmmm But I can't imagine what you must be thinkin' Cuz she could never be what I can be Oh, loneliness has really got you tw
Kelly Price - How Does It Feel (Married Your Girl)
Hook How Does It Feel Now That You Know You Could've Had Me But You Let Me Go You're On The Outside Of Your Own World Cuz Someone Else Married Married Your Girl. Verse 1 Destiny Said We Were To
Kelly Price - I Live Here Now
Verse I She Couldn't Take It Anymore So She Got To Steppin' Out The Door So Many Years You Beat Her Down Now You've Got Another One Better Straighten Up There's A New Girl In Town Hook I Live Here
Kelly Price - I Still Do
Verse I I'm Reading Your Dear John; It Says You're Moving On You Need Your Space, You Need Some Time And Greener Grass You Seek To Find I Saw It From Afar I Knew It In My Heart The Happiness Had G
Kelly Price - If I Lose Christmas
Holiday season is coming our way music and lights set the mood for the day. There are so many things that I've gotta do to make Christmas special for you. Shopping and planning all things in their plac
Kelly Price - In Love At Christmas
T'was a silent night A midnight clear Was no Santa Claus No reindeer. Only me and you A love brand new We fell in love at Christmas It wasn't Valentine's Day Or the first day of spring, Summertim
Kelly Price - Kiss Test
LP Version [Intro] This is a test This is only a test Boy, do you know What I'm feeling I'm overwhelmed by your lovin' I can't deny That I want you all the time But I gotta know What you're thin
Kelly Price - Like You Do
Kelly Price f/ Method Man [Method Man] Hey love, hey love Hey love, whoo, hmm-hmm-hmm Yo hey love you're the girl that I adore Every time I go on tour I want you more and more Ma I am yours, mi amo
Kelly Price - Lord Of All
Intro Lord, I dedicate this song to you Thank you for the oppourtunity to share my gift of song with the world You created me and this ability I possess to express everything I am and hope to be throu
Kelly Price - Love Sets You Free
Kelly Price f/ Aaron Hall [Aaron] When peeps give you love There抯 nothing in this world that can set u free Yeah, feel me, yo G hit me Here I am, all alone Can抰 let them get the best of me (Got
Kelly Price - Married Man
Ooh, ooh Saw you in the street one day Walking up to you, wanted just to say baby Instantly you looked the other way You grabbed the lady's hand And you kissed the head of her little man Started thin
Kelly Price - Messiah Has Come
I have heard a message from the Lord. He's revealing His purpose to me. A virgin had a son, the Lamb of God, the holy one Messiah has come. Oh the joy that came to earth below (yes it did) on that nig
Kelly Price - Mirror, Mirror
Been looking for love I never could find it While I'm standing here And he is so blinded by her silly ways He just can't imagine She's playing a game A game that he played for so long, oh I want him
Kelly Price - National Anthem
Kelly Price f/ R. Kelly [R. Kelly] Here's the day I've been waiting on NFL on Sunday morn [Kelly] But you know we need to talk Right now [R. Kelly] Not right now the TV is on Move outta the way t
Kelly Price - Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Oh come, all ye faithful Joyful and triumphant Come ye, Oh come ye to Bethlehem Come and behold Him Born the King of angels Oh come let us adore Him Oh come let us adore Him Oh come let us adore Him
Kelly Price - Secret Love (remix)
Kelly Price f/ JD & Da Brat UH UH UH SO SO DEF Cross us, you know not (so so def) (Come on, clap yo hands) Cuz I'm full time here dough spot
Kelly Price - Silent Night
Silent night, Holy night all is calm all is bright Round yon virgin mother and child oh holy infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly, heavenly peace Oh why don't you, lay your head down, oh sleep in
Kelly Price - Sister
Hook Sister You Don't Have To Cry Everything Will Be Alright My Sister You Don't Have To Weep Cuz Things Are Getting Better Verse I A Mother Worries About The Son She Raised Alone Cuz He Is Fighting
Kelly Price - So Sweet
Verse I I'm Waiting At The Door With Just A Little More Than A Birthday Suit And A Smile Just For You. See I Been Thinking All Day Boy Of Brand New Ways To Say Boy This Thing That's On My Mind So
Kelly Price - Someday
Hook Living Wasn't Easy Cuz We Didn't Have Much Money But I Knew I Would Make It Someday. They Told Me I Was Nothing That I'd Never Be Something But I Knew I Would Make It Someday Verse 1 This Is M
Kelly Price - Take It To The Head
Hook Breathe It In, Breathe It Out Flying High Ain't No Doubt I Take It To The Head Yo' Love On A Ride, In The Clouds Feelin Good Won't Come Down I Take It To The Head Yo' Love Verse 1 Stepped In T
Kelly Price - Take Me To A Dream
Love of my life you are Sunlight my shining star All of the world to me All I could ever need So lately I can feel you grown away from me And inside I pray it's not to late to find a remedy Don't
Kelly Price - The Lullaby
Kelly Price f/ Jonia & Jeff Jr. [Kelly] Hello It's after nine o'clock you should be in bed already I miss you I love you baby I hear you calling for me Sometimes you cry in your sleep Cause you do
Kelly Price - Three Strikes
First time I let you back inside Everybody gets another chance Second time my momma replied Said you gotta let him be a man Third time I've had it with your lying Cause sorry wouldn't work again So I
Kelly Price - What Child Is This
*Sometimes I just wonder how it must have been to actually have lived in ancient times. I mean imagine what it would of been like to actually walk the streets of Bethlehem and hear that a child had bee
Kelly Price - You Complete Me
VERSE 1 It's been a long time since we started And all of the hurting we've been through I find that I still in love with you Searchin' and searchin', looking for better Greener pastures never grew
Kelly Price - Your Love
Kelly Price feat/Lil' Cease [Lil' Cease] Yo, yo, yo You wanna contemplate on Ceasileo the great My motto fly states any where pick a date Your man light weight, holding like a cake With him comes th


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